Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night I was surprised by my friends with a dinner.........

We had such fun talking and laughing and talking about quilting...........

They also surprised me with a wall hanging........... Just the thing for my new studio.....

I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends....

I will do some close up shots of the quilt later....... It is a real treasure.


  1. Hi Susan... The quilt came out beautiful... As you know I knew about it for some time... I am happy that you liked it and my special gift... :)

  2. Very nice quilt , I can't read the inscrption, but I think it's something about love or friendship! Well-done! Greetings from Bruges Carine

  3. What special friends and special quilt. The perfect combination, made with love for someone who will appreciate and treasure it.

  4. Aren't friends the best. You sound like you are blessed with some really special ones.

  5. I'll bet they're going to miss you! How about a close-up of the center when you have more time. Can't imagine packing up the whole house~just the kitchen has kept me bery busy.


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