Monday, April 30, 2007

A Few More Blocks

I managed to complete the last two blocks for Row One of “A Road Less Traveled. The more I work on this quilt, the more I like it……. Now on to Row Two. There are 10 blocks in that row. This is a good quilt to use as a break from whatever else is going one. They are so much fun to assemble. I am so pleased with the fabrics I am receiving with this BOM. It is always interesting to see the fabrics they select. I also like the grab bag I get with each one.

After seeing Darlene’s Table Topper (the instructions are on March 24th) I knew one was in my future. I am delighted with how it turned out. I will be even happier to see it quilted and bound……. I will be putting it to one side for awhile instead. I have some other things to complete first. I have spring dishes and glasses to compliment this table. They are currently being packed but I will look forward using them when we get to NC. I am starting to clear out the excess and pack up things I will want there but do not need right now.

I also got two rows sashed and assembled on my Storm at Sea Jane. This quilt has 6 rows so I am one third done with the center. I need to get this one done so that I can send it to a show in Canada by the first of September. The Storm at Sea blocks are paper pieced and that seems to take more time. I also want to complete a Dear Jane Siggy quilt for that show. These will be the projects I spend my morning time with. I did not care for the yellow at first but I am beginning to see that it adds so much to the overall look. This one is going to be a treasure.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank You To Everyone......

I have some wonderful siggies to assemble. Thank you to everyone that participated. They are all special. Such luscious fabrics................... Such attention to detail. This is going to be a treasure for many years to come.........

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moving Right Along

Here is number 11 of my Faye Anderson Appliqué Blocks. I finished this one last night and got a good start on the next one. This morning I selected fabric for the next four. Needlepoint class tonight so I will not be able to work on them again until Thursday. I will be happy when I get caught up on this project. It is coming along so well and I find it to be more fun than a barrel of Monkeys...................

You might remember that I mentioned how much I was enjoying the Grab Bags from Homestead Hearth. That is the fabric I am using for my Faye Anderson Blocks and I plan to do a Broken Dish quilt with them also. I have my "Patti" section on the sewing table. I need another drawer or two to accommodate all the sizes but I am trying to cut a bit each day. The BOM I have from Homestead Hearth will soon end so I had to find another one to take its place. I selected this one. It is "Renewal" and is from a new collection of fabrics by Brannock and Patek. You get fabric for two blocks each month. The blocks are all the same but the fabric is different. There are 30 blocks in this quilt. I should be getting a grab bag from them for some time to come.
Second block. As simple as this block is I still managed to have to reverse stitch in a few places. Silly me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Chosen

Here is the Bad.............. That flower in the center just left me cold. After I got that much done on the first of my Country Cousins block, I put it aside because I really did not like the center. Vickie reminded me on Friday that she had finished 3 and I had finished none. My obligations were completed so I picked that block up and began again.
Now, isn't that better? I tried Patti's method of appliqué this weekend and I really prefer it.

I also finished number 10 of my Faye Anderson Blocks. That means 20% of them are done.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking down the velvet drapes in the sitting room. Now that they are down and the sun is streaming in the cobwebs show up so much better.

I also began clearing out one of my bags. I cannot report that I have emptied even one. I am forcing myself to properly complete whatever I take out of the bag. The one I began with had the cleaning kit for my 221 in it that my wonderful Robert sent to me. I must get that accomplished.

All of the laundry is done. Lem was good to hang my sheets on the line for me to dry. I really like sleeping on sheets that have dried out of doors..............

Last week I found a pants suit in a size 0. My mother is always looking for something that size so I got it for her. It arrived in the mail to her on Friday and was declared almost a perfect fit. My sister still had to move the button for her. They had two more and since that size is hard to find I went back on Saturday for them. While there I found a jacket, top and two pairs of pants for myself.....

I will not be sewing in the mornings this week as I usually do. I want to get the tote bags emptied and I know that will take time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Two Things.........

This morning I finished another block for row one of "The Road Less Traveled" I find the blocks are getting so much easier to assemble as I go along. Such a good feeling when one is complete

Judy asked for a picture of the Hour A Day quilt when we finished. It is still breezy here and I needed the assistance of The Breakfast Club to get a picture. Please notice the jacket Joan is wearing (on the right). After seeing all the sweatshirts that were being made with fabric sewn to them she decided to do one for herself. Being the creative thinker that she is, she cut her fabric into diamonds and used large rick-rack as the lattice between the fabrics. It also shades from dark green to the lighter fabrics with flowers.............

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another TA DA

Winter is done............. This is one of a set of four Adirondack chairs. The medium is needlepoint. Not a favorite of mine but when I saw these hand painted canvases I knew Rebekah would enjoy having them. I completed Spring and Autumn some time ago but Winter and Summer just would not get done. I can now report the end of Winter and Summer is half way to being complete............. Oh Happy Day...............

Bag Lady?

Nine.........Count them, NINE....................Nine bags of stuff. Receipts to file. Mail to read. Cards to mail. Patterns to organize. Anything without a deadline and sometime something with a deadline goes in a tote or bag. I carry it around with me until it is full. Then I grab another one and start over. These were on the floor of my closet or stacked in one corner of the bedroom. This weekend I will begin to empty them. The plan is to start Saturday and work 15 minutes each day. Not to sort and organize into piles of things to postpone any longer but to actually copy, sort, toss or file. I have little stacks of Post-It notes with phone numbers and books to read and quilts to look up and addresses and other important information. Would I ever find it if I needed it..........NO........... I sincerely hope this is the last time I paint myself into this corner but I seriously doubt it....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When I saw the quilt on the cover of that book I knew one was in my future. This is not a project for the faint of heart. It is not a leader ender project either. I can see from the two blocks I have done that I will be thinking the entire time I am working on this quilt. I got two dark strips on one side. I will need to plan better. These strips are cut 1 1/2 inches but I think perhaps they are too large. I will have this for discussion on Friday when The Breakfast Club meets. I know I should never have started this project but I wanted to test the idea. Since I am getting the Grab Bags from Homestead Hearth with my BOM I have some wonderful fabrics to choose from and it really is fun to play with them......... These blocks will end up in BOB for something else later.

This morning I also got Hour 12 completed on my HAD. Tomorrow morning I can complete hour 13 and then another quilt top will be ready for layering. The studio is still rather neat but I have some ideas about organizing a little better. I hope to get that done this weekend. Hard to believe that it is Wednesday already.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Something to Show at Last

This is going to be another favorite quilt...... I am continually amazed at how well Judy's patterns go together. While pressing the top, ideas for the quilting came to mind. I have several more to complete before this one is layered but I want to sleep under it next winter so I can't wait too long. Tomorrow morning I can add the first border and then Thursday I can add the second border. The top will be all ready to show at the Friday meeting of The Breakfast Club.

Now that siggies are done, I can work on my Faye Anderson blocks at night again. Here are the last four I have completed. We are in week fifteen of this year and I have nine blocks completed. That means that if I can pick up the pace a bit I can get caught up and perhaps even a week or two ahead.... I have never done much embroidery on quilt blocks before but I am satisfied that the work is adequate. I asked that Homestead Hearth include one of their grab bags of fabric with my "Road Less Traveled" block of the month. That is the fabric I am using for my Faye Anderson blocks. I have two other quilts I will be using the grab bag fabric for. I can sit all evening and pour over my collection of fabric and deciding which to use in each block.

Here is the third block of row one of "The Road Less Traveled". If you like jigsaw puzzles, you would enjoy putting this block together. The great advantage of having this as a BOM is that I don't have to agonize over exactly which fabric to put in each spot. If I had to do that I would never get the block done. Homestead Hearth is doing a wonderful job of fabric selection for me. I am thinking about signing up for another one of their BOM's that is starting in June.

Monday, April 16, 2007

More Blocks Completed

This is the stack of nine patch blocks that are left over for BOB. I wonder where what quilt they will be in later............

My lovely stack of nine patch blocks. They all turned out well.

And here we have the Good Luck block to go with the other ones. This is such an easy quilt to make.

The beginnings of a row........ I only got 7 rows done. I still have two more to assemble. I am really pleased with how this one is looking. Yesterday I got all the blocks spread out on the bed to make sure the nine patch blocks were balanced. I left the room for a moment and Honey decided she needed to be right in the middle of the bed....... Lem came and moved her so I could mark the blocks. She really must like that quilt because half way through there she was again.

This is block 2 of my Road Less Traveled quilt. This is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The pattern is by Lori Smith. She is fast becoming my favorite designer. After seeing the fabric Patti brought home from her retreat I had to order the kit for "Reminiscence" by Lori Smith from Momma Made It for myself. I do hope Patti realizes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I got more work done on my Faye Anderson blocks but did not get the pictures made yet. I will get them taken tonight for tomorrow's viewing pleasure.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Social Event of the Year

On the Lower Cape, the social event of the year is “Soup Bowls”. The Cape Cod Potters Guild members make and donate the hand made soup bowls, the local grocery stores donate the groceries, local florist fix flowers for the table, the girl scouts decorate paper bags for placemats and the Cape Cod Technical School cooks wonderful soup. There are 3 sittings, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 PM.

You are given a bowl of soup, a roll and water or coffee. You eat the soup and then place it in the placemat/bag and go home. I have a wonderful collection of hand thrown bowls by local artist as we have been doing this for over 10 years……. All of the money goes to the local food pantry and this year, some organization agreed to match the funds collected.

I Am Getting My Life Back

At long last, the siggies are done and ready to mail TODAY........... I will confess that they did get rather boring near the end and I took breaks to relieve the monotony. More about that later. I just wanted to show off my nice stack of 160 lovely autographed quilt blocks.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Meet Bob

Several people asked about BOB.

Here is a picture of BOB. This is where I toss the extra or not quite right blocks from my projects. I also have the extra bits of binding that is cut and pressed.

This is what is on top……………..

Here is another layer.

One day I will empty BOB and attempt a sampler quilt of the blocks he contains. There might even be several of them.

Tomorrow is scheduled for FINISH SIGGIES day. I have alerted Lem and Honey to the fact that I will only be participating in that activity. I found a crock pot recipe to try and I will get that going in the morning. Then I will turn on my CD player and work till I am done. I really believe I can have them ready to mail on Monday.

I did complete all of my nine patches this morning and I should even be able to do the next two hours this weekend so that on Monday I can be up to date with this quilt. It is coming together so well. I know I will really enjoy this one. I might just give this one to Amanda. Perhaps the next one will go to Adam. Then I will have all the grandchildren covered.

I will also be setting up to do the guild gifts. I have all the materials and I have even started one of them. I will be glad to have that project finished. Then there are no more deadlines for the year. I wonder if I can maintain that status…………………

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lavender Blue, dilly dilly, Lavender Green

An hour a day quilt designed by Judy of Sunshine Quilts. When I took my fabric requirements to my LQS for fabric the comment was made (as always) “what a wonderful design” “Oh yes,” I replied, “Judy always designs the most wonderful quilts.” At this point I also add how easy her instructions are to follow and that they always come out great.

I selected the fabric and took it home to wash. As I looked at it across the room, I realized that it needed something else. I went back yesterday for a few fat quarters and after washing everything last night, I began my nine patch blocks. Here is a sample of all of them. They might not all make the final cut. I might have to try a few more but any blocks not used will go into my BOB for later use. I also have a piece for the back with fairies on it. Goes with the quilt perfectly. I got all they had left (on sale of course) but if it is not enough I was thinking of adding a border of the left over nine patch blocks. As I was pressing my blocks, the name of this quilt came to me. I think it is perfect………….

Anyway, I am on schedule so far with making my nine patch units and I only have 18 more siggy blocks to stitch. This weekend will find me making the final touches on the siggies so that they can be mailed on Monday……………..

Sock Yarn Pictures

Here is a picture of the sock yarn I added to the collection on Saturday. The single skeins will make a pair of socks but I needed two skeins of the Regia for each pair.

I am going to try the Jaywalker pattern from Grumperina. She also has a tutorial on making custom labels.

Now for the quilting portion of the conversation. This is the fabric for one block of "The Road Less Traveled" designed by Lori Smith. I am getting this BOM from Homestead Hearth. They also have sell a grab bag of fabric. I asked that they send one of them to me each month also. My favorite quilts are charm quilts and it that requires many different fabrics. I am anticipating retirement when I can finally get some of these quilts made....... It takes me about an hour to cut the fabrics for one block. I place the cut pieces in glassine envelopes marked with the corresponding letter. Yes, that does seem slow to some but I take my time and savor each moment. Remember, this is not a race.

TA DA............ My first block.........

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sock Yarn

Saturday was a wonderful day. I worked the 15 minute plan till time to dress and leave for the lecture on knitting..... That is 15 minutes sewing and 15 minutes house blessing....

I even stopped long enough to fix hot dogs for us for lunch on Saturday. Complete with chili.

When I left I felt I had accomplished what was necessary and got to enjoy myself also.

Peg wanted to stop at the Yarn Basket on the way to the lecture. I should have stayed in the car. I found more sock yarn. Enough for four pairs. I just can't seem to say no to sock yarn.

Yesterday I got the last of the siggys stamped and painted. I also applied the glitter gel to more of them... The count is looking hopeful. Thursday is "sit and stitch" at our guild and we all know what I will be stitching...

Siggy Report

I have 40 cut and ready to sew.
I have 20 to embellish with gel pens.
I have 105 that need the charm sewn on.

Try as I would I still managed to get lost from time to time. I finished 1/2 of a tiny pink sock. I really should have finished the whole thing but I needed something to take with me to the lecture. I got out my workbag with the ubiquitious sock. It was at the toe finishing stage. Not appropriate for mindless knitting. That meant I HAD to finish the toe and cast on the next one to be ready to go.

This morning while downstairs stitching siggies, my eye wandered over to the Duchess sitting all alone. I had this uncontrollable urge to finish the first block of "A Road Not Taken". I suppose the word FOCUS is just in my vocabulary.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10