Monday, June 30, 2008

More Boxes Sorted

I spent hours and hours this week walking around the house. The temperature was in the 80's so we turned on the air conditioner.......... I am most weary of this but I see days and days of it ahead.

At least you can see the floor now. There seems to be no end. I put things in boxes to give and then switch them to boxes to move and then move them back to the give boxes. In the midst of all this excitement Peg called. She and Bill were checking out the tag sales. Our local Masonic Lodge has one annually and rents tables. One person was closing a knitting shop and had some wonderful yarns. I went and looked and thought of buying and then remembered the trouble I was already having at home with more stuff than space. I began to feel like the monkey with his hand stuck in a jar. We all remember that story. I came home empty handed.............

And here is what is left........

After work today I have to go upstairs and clear off the bed in the guest room. I have been sorting winter clothes upstairs but Lem and I will be using that space this week.

Alan called this morning and they will be painting our bedroom this week. I suppose the kitchen will be next.

Things are starting to come together.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Bit of Progress

Just a little bit of progress. I spent every morning clearing and organizing instead of sewing. I keep reminding myself that when this is done I will have more time for fun.............

Rachel will come on Saturday morning and take off a lot of goodies for her sale. Then I can start bringing totes upstairs from the basement to go through.

The boxes and totes you see here are beading and knitting things. This weekend I will be clearing out the spare room and organizing these two crafts.

I opened the door ti the spare room and took a picture..........

Then stepped inside for another one.

I have those plastic drawers all ready for knitting and more smaller ones for the beading. It is going to be so good to have it all together in one spot and easy to access.

I even plan to sew a bit this weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Instead of Sewing

No sewing for me this week. My assigned task is to clear out the garage. I took these pictures Sunday afternoon and then went in to take a nap. I just could not face it.....

Usually I get up early each morning and sew for an hour before the day begins. This week I have spent that time in the garage. Some progress has been made but not enough. Rachel is coming on Saturday and I hope to have lots for her to take for the sale.

I still have lots of boxes to go through and I really dread the thought. I do know how much better I will feel when this is all done.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday Sewing Society

The Saturday Sewing Society met again this weekend. Ruth brought her granddaugher, Kate along. This is Kate with her third quilt............ Jean gave her a lesson in layering it with boards.
This is her first quilt.

And here is Kate's rail fence. Doesn't she use color well?

This is a BOM that Nancy finally got together. Notice the flowers in the border..........

Judy made all these hearts for the hospital. Our guild donates this to the cardiac unit for heart patients to hug when they cough to keep the stitches from tearing loose.

Joan found that several ladies at a local nursing home like to stuff them and if we take the pillows to them they can get them stuffed.

The Group.......... This sure is a fun group.............

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Smile Here

Last month when the Pickle met they helped me select the fabric for Judy's Hour A Day Quilt.

I missed the part where she said that it would only be up for the time we were making it. I faithfully printed each day except the last one. Sure am glad it was only the borders I needed to add that last hour............Whew........

If you did not join in, I strongly recommend purchasing this pattern from Judy. It is an easy quilt to make but looks so difficult.

My contrasting lights do not show up as well in these pictures but they do show up in person.

Here is a shot of the de-cluttered bedroom. All pictures gone. Only 3 pieces of furniture left in the room. Now to wait for the painter to come.

Then there will be No More Blue Walls. I sure did get tired of that look sooner than I thought I would. Even the closet is done. I do want to put my shoes in a hanging shoe holder I found in the bottom corner of the closet. It is really for sweaters but I can put the shoes in there with the matching purse.

I feel like we are making progress now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost In Space

We all know where things live in our house. At least most of them. We have set routines and keep items in convenient places. Well, right now I just keep losing things. In the process of clearing out and de-cluttering things get moved and the place some things did live just aren't there anymore.

Saturday we went from three bureaus to three drawers in one bureau. Sewing? Not me. I was tackling the master bedroom. I still have the closet left to clear out. Everything has to be picked up and a decision made as to its usefulness. Then either tossed or packed. If it is something we use frequently it has to be placed in a piece of furniture that we are taking with us. All other things have to be packed for at least 6 months storage. One main question I keep asking is:

"Do I Really Want To Unpack this?"

I am behind in my email, I am behind in my blogging, I am behind in so many areas but I keep reminding myself that when this is all done I will have a few months to catch up on that kind of thing......

The painter will be coming soon and when he does I will have one more room to mark off my list.

Now to work on the next section of the cellar.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Yesterday Afternoon

Lem had a client coming in late yesterday.... He had cooked we left it in the oven till the client left. I didn't get home right after work because I met Vickie for coffee. That gave me a bit of time to work upstairs. I made covers for seven more dog beds. I actually think there is enough fabric scraps stashed here and there to get them filled and ready to deliver on Saturday. It will soon be time to tell the girls that I am not taking any more. I want to use up the fabric from Peg at least.................

I finished the two pillowcases I was making for Lu. She doesn't know I am making them so this will be a surprise. Oh, that means I have another finish for this year. At last. I sure haven't had many of those so far.

Here is the fabric all cut out and ready for two black Smart Purses.............. I need to get the lining cut and start the assembly. Wouldn't I love to get them done this weekend?

Not sure that is possible. The weekend is already over booked......

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Bit More Progress

I can report that I finished the Block Six from the Block of the Week. This one was much easier than last week..........

And here it is in a different colorway...........

I finally took the tags upstairs to mark the blocks for my Hour A Day. I can see that top complete in the near future.

After work yesterday I went to Murray's and found the fabric for Jean's purse and one for me.... I might as well have one of these purses too. Oh, I just realized they have lighthouse material and I bet Kim would like that. As soon as I get one finished I think I will get the lighthouse material for her.......

I got home just in time to fix a quick meal. I had class at Barry's last night and I knew I needed a power nap before I went. I did get the coffee pots ready to turn on this morning but I did not get the dishwasher loaded before I left. I didn't get it done this morning either. Perhaps the kitchen fairy will come while I am at work.

This morning I added a few rows to the Nine Patch quilt. I really didn't get much sewing done. I went upstairs early to take the pictures and take the tags upstairs for the HAD quilt.

I also made 5 trips upstairs after that to take the winter clothes upstairs. Clearing out the master bedroom is on the agenda for this weekend and that will give me a head start........

I am meeting Vickie after work for coffee at the Sparrow........ Something wonderful to look forward to.........VBG

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


At last here is a picture of the dog pillow we took to the animal shelter. There are two more ready to stitch closed and three more cut and ready to sew. I am finally using the scraps the Saturday Sewing Society has been giving to me...........

I did get the sashing strips cut the morning for my Hour a Day quilt. I also got one block made for the Block a Week project.

I also got Jean's black purse cut out and the appropriate interfacing. I just did not like what I had on hand for the cover. After work today I plan to head to Murray's and see if I can find something. Her taste is so different from mine and I really hesitate to make this choice but we are only talking about a fat quarter of fabric and about an hour of time so that's not too bad.

My little portion of stitching time has been used up of late with other things like clearing and packing. I keep reminding myself that when all that is done I won't have to do it again.

Once again I have more things planned to do this weekend than I will have time to accomplish.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ready to Add Sashings

I finally got my Hour a Day blocks done.......... Judy said to make a few blocks if you had never used the Tri-Recs tool.......... No I did not listen. Well, my blocks are not as pretty as I would like but I am still pleased with the results so far. I will be making more of these blocks and after seeing some of the color combinations that other selected, I will probably make another quilt like this one............ Next to cut the shashings and get the rows assembled.

I am waiting a day or two to give everyone a chance to check for errors in the block arrangement.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10