Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And The Lucky Winner is Wisconsin

Tuesday night we had a farewell dinner for our Dear Jean Mello. She is going to Wisconsin to be with her sister......... (Jean is the third from left).

Jean I met first at a class on tablerunners. I usually avoid classes. There is always one annoying person and they usually sit beside me.......... This class was great fun..... Mostly due to Jean. She is quick witted and always has a pleasant word for all.... We met again an a class last fall. Once again she was a boon companion.......... We are in the Saturday Sewing Society together. It just won't be the same around here with Jean.

Her dear friend Lynn organized the good by dinner and the gift.

And we are all waiting for her to open her present.

And we are still waiting.

Enough says Lynn and lends a hand..........

We got a Cape Cod Bracelet for her. (pictured here........ It comes in all gold or all silver but the most popular is the silver and gold. Here on the Cape we tend to be less into fashion and with the combination of gold and silver it goes with whatever you might be wearing. It does not slide on but the ball unscrews. My husband says it takes three people to get one on. The idea is never to take it off.)

Now Jean will have us with her always..............................

Monday, August 18, 2008

Empty at Last

I promised Rebekah a picture of the first EMPTY space in the basement and here it is.........

All the shelves were full, the table was stacked almost to the ceiling. You could not see the door because it was full to the top with Rubbermaid Totes............. I mean FULL.............

I kept looking at that space and groaning. I really did not want to clear it out. Well, it is done now. Most of the things were given away. I still have the other 3/4 left to clear but that will not be as bad. In fact the other side of this back section is almost done.

I am starting to feel as though there will be an end to all this activity and I can get back to my stitching schedule.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And She's Off

My Dear Kate has joined the army.................. She is on her way to basic training for nine weeks..

Her mother retired in May two years ago. Now Kate is following in her footsteps.

Rebekah and I selected fabric for a quilt to give to her when she graduates from basic training. I wish I was a good with words as some of my blogger friends but when I sit down to write they just aren't there. Rebekah has never had Kate gone for as long as she will be away this time. Prayers are appreciated.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Love This Block

This block was not the easiest thing to make at first. I really couldn't understand all the problems I was having........... Other people made this block and no one mentioned any problems.

Reading the instructions correctly might have helped me. After I went back to square one and read them again I realized I had cut some triangles 5/8 of an inch too big............. This will really make it hard for the block to come together. I tossed the incorrect parts into BOB and cut them out correctly. After that it was a piece of cake................ I knew the problem was with something I was doing. I have NEVER had a problem with anything Judy has designed.........

In fact, I like this fabric together soo much that I ordered more to make the Army Reserves Star for my daughter. It is a block I found on Quilters Cache and I have been wanting to work on it since she retired from the Reserves............... I can add that to my stack of "Want to make" quilts.

The house is still in a bit of turmoil. Things not yet where they are supposed to be. It is getting better. I might get to answer email and read blogs again one day.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Stitch or Two Here and There

This morning I cut out my first block for Judy's Star BOM. Several people have their block done already. Check them out.

I washed the fabric Saturday and did not finish ironing it until this morning.

I have it all laid out beside my machine and ready to stitch. I hope to get it done today.

I am slowly moving things from the basement to the second floor. I am going to enjoy having my studio upstairs......... Much brighter and looking out the window at the treetops is much preferred to looking at a cement block wall.

I got the Duchess set up on an old army field desk. I have a small three drawer rolling cart to keep supplies in. Hmmm.....that would also be a great place to keep the Leader Ender pieces I am working on.

A folding table under the eaves for cutting. I have not decided yet if I am going to get something to raise the legs or not. My Alto's Cutter is on the left. I am still learning how to use it to the best advantage. I was delighted to find it at half the price from a friend that did not use it often and wanted to get rid of it.

The Janome is on the other wall. I can move it to the cutting table when I machine quilt. On that small desk it is all set up for regular sewing. Another small plastic rolling cart holds thread and other things needed for that machine.

This is the view looking from the cutting table to the ba k of the room. I will probably move the ironing board somewhere else and I am thinking of setting up the Duke (Singer 99) somewhere in the room for paper piecing.

There is still lots of things to be sorted and brought upstairs but I am hoping to keep fewer projects in the actual sewing room.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10