Friday, September 28, 2007

Focus Projects for October

Hanne has selected her focus projects for October. Perhaps I would finish something if I did the same.

Where does one begin? The most pressing deadline is the project I am working on with friends for the quilt show in November..............

The next deadline is the beaded ornaments for the first week in December. Those are the only two "GOTTA DO's".

On Wednesday nights I meet with a group for even weave stitching. I have two three projects that I need assistance with. One is a cross stitch piece, Wisteria, with ribbon embroidery. Right now I have a wedding sampler in the stand and I should finish it and get it framed while the couple are still happily married. Then I can begin work on the Wisteria piece.

I am knitting a simple vest for the winter with some hand dyed yarn and of course there is the ubiquitous sock. These are great items to work on then I am too tired to do anything else but still need to keep the hands moving.

So lets put this list on the side bar and clear out all the other things that I am putting on hold.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three Logs of Twelve

I have added three logs of the twelve needed for these 25 blocks. You will notice that there are two fabric combinations. One combination is on one side and the other combination is on the other side. This quilt will be reversible and will have no batting.

The little Autumn Harvest pin is one that I have had for years but never done. Perhaps this is the year...............

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Part Two

Part two of my obligation for the Guild Show is to make the quilt for mounting our "Seasons" on. I never got to Murrays for the needle and I never got to speak to Joan. Perhaps I can get that done today. Since I was at a standstill on the "Room" I began the quilt. I have never done one this way before. The front and back are the same and are made at the same time. There is no batting. This morning I got started on cutting the strips and began my blocks. It takes 25 blocks for this quilt. There are 12 logs in each block and I have one log added to 25 centers. The book says that these quilts can be made in a weekend............... Just what does that mean? How many hours do they consider to be a weekend? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Need Help

Here is the picture of the bed in the drawing Vickie did for me. This morning I made a small quilt top to go on the bed. The original plan was to make the quilt top, sew the eyelet lace oon tow edges and add a backing. If I put right sides together and sewed it all the way around then I could turn it right side out and that would be the bed. Then I could add the two pillows and be done................Well, as you can see, that doesn't work. Now do I make the little quilt top larger and cut out the part I need? Should I cut out little blocks to make another top that is proportionally correct? I am not used to these problems............. I will call Joan and see if she will let me stop by with my problem. Her brain is much better than mine at this sort of thing.

I got out my twin needle to sew down the ribbon molding and of course it is the wrong size. That means another stop at Murray's for the correct needle.

So let me see, after work I need to go to Curves, stop at Staples to mail some packages, drop in at Murrays for a needle and if time allows, go to the grocery store to return bottles...(Massachusetts has a mandatory 5 cents deposit on all plastic soda bottles).

I think this is the night I meet Wilma for dinner. I sure hope so. Last night by the time I got errands done and supper on the table, I was ready for a nap. I ran out of steam early and got very little knitting done. Just to tired to hold a needle. I do hope today will be better.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Room With A View

Well, here it is................ I now have a room with a view. I need to stitch down the window sashing and the molding around the floor. After that is done, I can make the bed. The headboard is cut out as is the chest of drawers. I even got a few quilt blocks made for the bed this morning.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Voyage Into The Unknown

Vickie was good enough to make the drawing for me. I have had it for months. I have been looking at it and putting it off because I am not really sure what I am doing here. Well, the deadline is drawing near and I must get this finished.

Yesterday I went to my LQS and found a few bits and bobs to start getting this together. They were not busy at the time and it was great to roam around and become inspired. I even found a Christmas fabric that was perfect for the window.

This morning I began the cutting out and most things I had to cut twice. I kept forgetting to reverse the template since it was going to be that iron on stuff. When I did remember, I went into automatic applique mode and ironed it to the right side. As a result it took longer than it should have.
This will give you an idea of the beginning. I will tea dye the other wall to give the room depth. It can dry while I am at church and If all goes well, I should get quite a bit done on this today. Good thing to because I still have to make the quilt that we are mounting them on.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Persian Pickle

The Pickle met at my house last night. We stitched and talked and had a wonderful evening. I do enjoy getting together with these friends. The pictures are out of order because I did not add them correctly

Peg is hand piecing a Dresden Plate quilt. She found the pieces at an estate sale. This is a good reason to finish our projects or they will be sold after we are gone. All the pieces were cut out and several of the blocks were complete. She is going to have such a lovely quilt when this is done.

Joan is cutting out flowers to go around the picture she appliqued for our quilt entry. She has created a great appliqué of someone drafting a quilt block. This quilt is going to be such fun.

Nancy brought a plate of homemade cookies. Some cheese, crackers and fruit rounded off the snacks to go with our tea.

Nancy is working on a Grandmothers Flower Garden. Perhaps next month I will think to get a good picture of what she is making.

This is the project for a class Vickie is teaching. I am so pleased that it is on a Saturday and I will be able to attend this class.

We had to get one up close shot of the larger block since it is a pickle fabric.

Vickie taught me to hand quilt. I have been trying to learn but needed help getting the rocking motion right and trying to hold on to everything at once. I think I might have the hang of it now.
The quilt I am working on is one I began 15 years ago........... It might just get quilted this year.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Basting a Quilt

Here is one of my Hour A Day quilts on the table to be basted. My dear friend Vickie offered her studio and her assistance to complete this project. It had to be basted because I am planning to hand quilt it. I have pinned quilts in the past but never have I basted one. Even with both of us working it took over five hours to get it done.

There I am, basting away......... Jean stopped by to say hello and we were pleased to talk with her while we worked. The quilt on the design wall to the left is one that Vickie will be teaching in a class beginning in October. I am really looking forward to that class.

Sometimes it was necessary for Vickie to reach the middle to start a thread for me.


Someone asked why I took the picture in front of Plymouth Rock when the bus does not stop there. Well, that is the picture on Plymouth and Brockton's website.

The reality is that living on the Cape makes it difficult to travel by air anywhere. You have to add 5 hours on the beginning and the end of your schedule.

Our house is 35 minutes from Hyannis where the Logan Express picks up passengers. The bus runs every hour so there is always some waiting time involved. The trip to the Logan (the airport in Boston) is two hours. You have to arrive 2 hours before departure to check in. We left home yesterday at 9:30 AM and Rebekah arrived in Georgia at 5:30 PM. Her flight was 2 hours and 12 minutes.

I am just pleased that she arrived safely and I hope she enjoyed a good nights rest.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Now Back to the Old Grind

My lovely daughter left this morning. She has been with me for a month and I will miss having her around.

We did very little stitching but lots of talking. She helped me clear out my garage and got me started on clearing the basement.

We sat on the patio by the chiminea several evenings until it got too cold. We shopped at the Capes best quilt stores and began our next project. We worked on one at the same time last year and now I have the blocks to be assembled into our quilts. One for each of us. We have selected another project that I will share with you later.

Right now I must go to work and try not to be too sad that she is gone.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hour A Day Fabric Selection

Here are my fabric selections for the current Hour A Day Quilt........... It took me 3 hours to select this fabric. I wanted to do something other than R/W&B. Now that I am at home and looking at a piece of red fabric I purchased for stash I plan to go back tomorrow and get more and do a second one with the R/W&B colors.

I also discovered that they still have fabric from one of the fall quilts I did and I can get that for a backing tomorrow.

Rebekah and I are planning to get started early. We are hoping to drive to Hyannis and have breakfast at IHOP before we go to a couple of fabric shops...........
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I have lots more to share but duty calls so I will have to wait a bit.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I've Got You Covered, Going or Coming

The walkway was finished yesterday. Didn't he do a great job. This should be much easier to shovel snow from this winter.

As soon as the patio in the back was done, the weather turned cold and we have only been able to sit out there two evenings...... Perhaps this weekend it will be better....

Saturday we took two car loads to the disposal area. This morning I took another trip with a car full. Then came home to fill the car again. We might get it all gone soon.

The workmen are supposed to come some time in the next couple of weeks to replace two windows upstairs and put in new shingles..........

Vickie's Quilt

Barbara and Rebekah are holding the quilt that Vickie is designing. It looks so much better in person, the picture does not do it justice. I am interested to see how she quilts this one.

Rebekah and I are going to her studio on Saturday to finish basting my quilt. It is the HAD from last month and I want to hand quilt it. Silly me................. Next Tuesday Vickie is giving us a class on hand quilting.......... I might get the hang of it yet.......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


After reading Judy's blog on lost items I felt quite at home. Last Friday Rebekah and I found the perfect candle holders to place around the patio for ambiance at night. The price was right (3 to a package for $2.75 due to the end of season sale) so I purchased 3 packages. That night I could not find them so I just sat out the little tealights on their own, we had a nice evening and I did not think of the candle holders again until last night. Then I wanted them............. Could I find them ...NO...............

First I looked, then she looked, and then we looked together. No candle holders. We decided to stop looking and perhaps they would turn up somewhere... And they did, behind the door. We still don't know how they got there but at least I have my candle holders.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10