Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cutting Up

Today I spent my hour this morning cutting strips. I am getting ready to piece the Triple Irish Chain. All the strips are cut and now I get to sew the sets together. There are 5 sets all together.
I also started cutting strips for the Log Cabin I am making with Judy.

It is easier to toss the odd bits into the scrap bins now. Having experienced some of Bonnie Hunters scrap blocks I can see that more variety is needed and these bins need to be fed often.

After work today is Curves and then home to enjoy the new laptop for a about an hour and then to cook dinner. Leftover pork roast is on the menu. That means not much time spent in the kitchen. Tonight I would like to finish the Dear Jane block I am working on.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Every day when I pass this tree on the way home from work I think to myself that I really need to get a picture. I am glad that I finally took it yesterday. We are having rain today and I am sure most of the blossoms are gone. Orleans is really a lovely town. Quite picturesque.

Last night I cut out the pieces for my Dear Jane block. I even managed to get two pieces put together. I hope to finish it tonight. This is such a relaxing hobby.

This morning I got my 44 parts made for part three of Orange Crush. Bonnie is giving two weeks between clues so I will have some time to get other things caught up.

I found the fabric for my Nine Patch and got the setting blocks cut this morning. I am actually starting to put this quilt together.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Amanda over at Crazy Mom Quilts has posted the first installment of her Quilt - a - Long.

I went straight to Thousands of Bolts to look for fabric. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be in the middle of a stash reduction. I will be good and look at home tonight before I cut into anything yet.


Now for my STASH REPORT............... Remember I am trying to piece a top a month instead of counting yardage. I did complete the Log Cabin top so now to begin another one.

I couldn't decide which to do first so I put a poll on the sidebar.

IRISH CHAIN was the winner............... I will begin cutting that one in the morning. It will be interesting to see just how long it takes me to move through this one. I realized that it took 8 days to make the log cabin top. I wonder how long it will be before it becomes a quilt?

Weekend Report

It appears that I finished step two of Orange Crush just in time. Bonnie posted step three this morning............. I can add that to my May list when I get around to making it.

Here they are. All 142 half four patch units.......... I will be cutting more fabric to feed my bins. I am finally understanding how this works. It sure is fun.

I did not finish the Siggies last night. I need to sew the charms on 25 more and then they will be done.
Here is the stack of completed blocks. I worked on them Saturday when we all got together.

Jean brought her Mystery Quilt to work on. She made two center blocks and used one for the center of the backing. She brought the boards to baste the quilt using the URL Swooze shared on her blog.

It really makes basting so much easier.

Judy came with her Smart Bag. I really need to get one of these completed for my sister. Seems as though that will be another thing to put on the May list.

She even made a Christmas cover. She is such a clever girl.

Okaye, now tilt your head to one side (I forgot to turn the picture before I downloaded it) and look at Eleanor's table runner.

This is the fabric in the center. It goes from walking on the beach in the center to the sky on one side.

Joan finished the eight jackets she was making for the Holly Berry Bazaar. The Ladies Hospital Axillary host the bazaar every other raise money for the hospital.

And here is the whole Gang....... We were helping Jean layer her quilt.......

It was a wonderful day as it always is. I am already looking forward to the gathering in May.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Thursday night Peg and I went to the Bead Society. I learned the correct way to make earrings.......... I can see lots of earrings in my future now............

This morning I prepped for my first Official Dear Jane Block....... Several years ago I signed on for the Dear Jane BOM through Stitchin Heaven. I set up notebooks to hold plastic paper protectors for each block and carefully saved the fabric in a tote. That was going to by my 'One Day' project. Recently a blog has been set up with instructions each week on one block. I decided I should play along. By the time I got the Dear Jane box uncovered the next block has been posted. Not to worry, I am going to finish this one soon. I will take it with me tomorrow just in case...............

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Progress to Date

I feel like I might be making some progress. I still only have 75 (of the required 135) siggies painted and sewn. I do have 45 with the hard part painted so I feel pretty good about that. I am planning to take them with me Saturday and sew on the charms at the gathering.

I made 6 more blocks for the Nifty Fifty Swap. Remember , the first 6 got lost in the mail. I still have to sign them. I will want to practise the autograph a bit first. I really don't want to have to make these darlings over again.

This morning I headed downstairs to see what trouble I could get into. I am finally getting a clear idea of how Bonnie Hunter's Scrap System works. I set it up in my studio several years ago but I did not feed the drawers very much. Basically I just kept on making quilts from purchased fabric but I will not put it in the scrap heap until the quilt is finished. Since I have so few actually ready to use there isn't much in my bins.

When I began the Orange Crush I thought I would have to feed the bins but I found enough of the darks I needed. How blessed I am to have Peg as a friend. She got the Easy Angle for me and that made cutting the pieces for this quilt so much easier.

Here are my fabrics all cut and ready for assembly. I should finish step two in no time.

I found that I was running low on light 2 inch scraps........ Some time last year I had purchased 1 yard each of 10 different lights from Thousands of Bolts because I had so few creams and off whites to work with. I pressed eight pieces of it and trimmed two inch strips off of 8 of them. While they were on the cutting board, I cut two 1 1/2 inch strips off of all eight of them. I had already gotten out the red and green fabric I had purchased to make my Christmas Nine Patch because I lost the cream fabric I needed for my leader/ender project and was going to work on the nine patch until the fabric rose to the surface.

It took no time to grab those 8 red fabrics and cut two 1/2 inch strips from them. Then I cut five 2 inch strips from another red. Voila............ I have cut the strips for another log cabin. I thought since I had one finished for Judy's challenge, I could start on one like hers.

I still have a few more days to wait for the poll to close on which quilt to make next. In the meantime, I uncovered my Dear Jane stash and pulled the page for this weeks block. Since they have their own Baby Jane Blog with complete instructions, who knows, I might actually make one of these quilts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Trying A Poll

I thought I would try having a poll to see which top to make next. Looking forward to making all three so this could determine the order in which they are made.

Picture of Log Cabin Quilt

I am really pleased with how this one turned out.

This morning I began making the blocks for my Nifty Fifty Swap. I had made the required 6 blocks to be sent for approval but somehow the postman lost them............ Now I have to do them over. I mailed them Priority mail on March 28th to Alabama and they still are not there. Not exactly what I had planned for my sewing time this week but I am thankful it was only the 6 and not the 20 that would have been mailed next.

I am near the end of my Nine Patch Nut quilt that I have been using for my leader/ender. I need to cut some setting triangles but can I find the fabric? NO.......................
I remember seeing it earlier this month but I cannot spot it now. I don't want to waste too much time looking for it either.

I decided to work on my red and green nine patch instead. I got some fabric cut for that quilt this morning and I can use it for a leader ender until I find the other fabric.

Anyhow, I got two of the required blocks cut out and one made. I should be able to mail them by Friday.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stash Report

No picture at this time but I will take one later...... It is Sunday and time for my Stash Report. As I mentioned earlier, I am more of a 'project' person. I agreed to attempt to complete at least one quilt top each month from my 'project' stash.

I am pleased to report that the log cabin quilt I began on April 8th is now complete.

I cannot start another one yet. I have two swap deadlines that must be met. Then I will begin the next quilt top 'project'....

I have three to choose from.

1 - Triple Irish Chain

2 - Taupe quilt

3 - Four Stack Posy

Decisions, decisions, decisions........................

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Step One Complete

What does 150 four patch units look like?
Now that step one is complete I can work on something else while I wait for the next clue.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Visit With Vickie

Saturday I went to Vickies. The plan was to pin baste a quilt for me to machine quilt. I am stacking up layered quilt tops in anticipation of learning how to machine quilt. So far all I have done is read about machine quilting and layer quilts. One day soon however I will have to put my toe in the water and get something done.

This is one of Vickie's well loved quilts................. Can't you tell.......... This quilt has history, this quilt has memories. She tells me now that it is used for picnics and other outdoor events. More memories in the making.

This is my basted, ready to quilt siggy top. It is from 2005, my first swap. Soon after I began quilting in 2004 I discovered Dear Jane and the rest is history, as they say.

After the arduous task of all those pins it was time for tea. What a wonderful day we had.

Two Things

Thing One

Since I gave up the table in the living room that my computer was on, I have had difficulty keeping up with my computer tasks.............

WELL.............. Today is a good day........ Last week Lem surprised me with a new computer. I got a Gateway C-141XL tablet. It has been sitting there waiting for Rebekah to send an extension cable so that I can sit in my comfy (almost) chair and surf........ Naturally I have a deadline looming but you can bet your bottom dollar I will play with it for a little tonight regardless.

Thing Two

Judy at Patchwork Times has issued a challenge designed to help us use our fabric on hand. Most people have Stash.......... I seen the pictures, some people have lots of STASH....

My stash is organized just a bit differently. I see a quilt pattern and I want to make THAT quilt. I hurry along to my LQS and purchase the fabric I need. I bring the fabric home and carefully wash it, iron it and then place it into a plastic tote or ziploc bag with the instructions or a note saying which book it is from. Now that is not really stash as such. It is "Quilts I Plan to Make" or as Patty at 'Quilting is My Passion' says HSY's - Haven't Started Yet. I can't just pull fabric from my stash because it already has a purpose.

There is the "General Population" fabric but that is either very small pieces or enough for backing. That is what I use for my scrap quilts or what I will use when I get around to making my scrap quilts.

In order be able to participate in this challenge I am setting the goal of finishing a quilt top each month this year. I am gearing up to learn to machine quilt so I will add the goal of completing at least 6 quilts this year............... hmmmm.. perhaps I am over reaching but just think oh all the grand times I am going to have while trying................

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reporting In

Yesterday I finished up my Quiltathon at Vickie's. More on that tomorrow.... She helped me pin the siggy quilt from 2005. That was my first year and I have been hooked since. The plan is for me to machine quilt it as soon as I get all the siggies made and mailed for this year.

Today I finished the blocks for my log cabin quilt. All 44 are done. Perhaps soon I can get this one put together.........

I also have 30 siggies complete......... All but signing, heat setting and sewing on the charm. I have 45 that I should finish painting tonight. That will put me over the half way mark.

Now for my Stash Busting report.............

I actually used 15 yards of fabric from my collection this week. Wow..... Now if I get backings pieced I can really get some yardage used.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Fabric all washed, pressed and ready to cut. I have no idea when I will get to this one but at least I am this far along.

Now I have one hour to fix lunch, dress and get to Vickie's


This is Quiltathon weekend and I am right in the groove. I have completed 30 of the required 44 blocks for my log cabin quilt and then cut out the strips for the next 14. The first ones were Courthouse Steps and the next ones will be real Log Cabin blocks.

Vickie called and I will head over to her studio after lunch and we will pin baste a quilt. I want to get my completed siggy top basted and ready to quilt.

Hot off the Press

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a book signing. The author is Sally Gunning. We go back as far as 1990 when she was writing mysteries and was the author at the first book signing I had ever attended................

She put away the mystery pen and began writing historical novels. The first one was

"The Widow's War"

and I found out yesterday that there is talk of a movie based on that novel. I can promise you an enjoyable time reading this book.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club met this morning............ This is one of the quilts Peg brought in for Show and Tell............ It is a Leader/Ender quilt she has been working on for some time and is made from all her Thimbleberries scraps........... I want one too.....................

And here am I in the vest I just finished. I despaired of ever having this project complete. I actually knit it 3 times but following Hanne's example and working on it each day I can at last enjoy wearing it.

Boy, I sure could lose a few pounds.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Picture or Two

Well, here they are......... The next batch of 15 siggies...... I did not get them completed last night. Just not enough time to get them all done. I am still not overly stressed about the situation.

Thought you might like an up close view on one that has been completed.

The sparkle does not show in the pictures but I did use glitter gel pens in some places. Just to give it a little bit extra something.

Last year when Rebekah was visiting we made the round of quilt shops. I found this kit at Heartbeat Quilts. You could see the fabric but the quilt pattern was hidden. There was more than enough fabric to make this quilt. Even enough left for a pieced backing.

This is my top from the Block a Week that Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts shared with us.

Okaye, so now I have two quilt tops to layer. I already have two layered and waiting. As soon as the blocks are done for the siggy swap I will attempt to machine quilt these darlings.

Also let me add that I now have 26 of the Courthouse Steps blocks completed for the Log Cabin Quilt. When I make four more I will have all of the blocks for the border done and will begin to make the ones for the center. This quilt has 44 blocks altogether. It seems possible that I could finish this top in April. Wouldn't that be great.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reporting In

Sorry, no pictures. I just haven't paused long enough to take any yet but I do have a couple of quilt tops finished to share as soon as I get the photos taken.

If you would like some eye candy I can direct you over to Anne Ida at Quiltoholic. She is quilting her Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and the border she made for it is outstanding. Such beautiful workmanship.

Judy at Patchwork Times has reminded us that this weekend is another Quiltathon weekend. I am meeting Vickie on Saturday and I know we will be doing something quilty. Wait, didn't she and I go shopping on the last Quiltathon Saturday...... Yup, history is repeating itself. I am so glad for the reminder. I can get my house blessing done early and spend the weekend stitching.

I am up to 20 quilt blocks on the log cabin quilt. Today being the 9th at two a day I am a step ahead.

I have 30 siggies painted............. Only 105 left to paint............ Oh, I have also sewn 10 together. I really need to buckle down on this project. May is looming.

I also started on the 4 patch units for my Orange Crush quilt.

If only I had gotten up at 5:30 this morning instead of turning over and going back to sleep I could have had more to report.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, all the logs are cut for the my log cabin quilt...... They look so inviting all lined up and ready. Judy says we are to do two a day this month........... I am going to really enjoy making this quilt......

And here are 13 completed. One short for todays count but I do have four more begun.

And here at last is my Orange Crush fabric.

The blue, green and red are the yardage fabrics. The fat quarters are the fourth selection and the three on the right are for the four patches. Now back to siggies............. Lets see, if I do 15 a day for 10 days they too will be done. That seems possible.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Weekend Cometh....

.............and it is raining here today. With a possible more of the same tomorrow.

My new extension table for my sewing machine is waiting for me at the fabric shop, the serger I got from Joan is in the car and I am near the end of knitting my new vest.

I need to clear out at least part of the chazari from one section...... I also need to stamp my siggies for the siggy swap...........

Too many obligations and not enough time...........

It will be interesting to see just what gets done.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Challenge and a Finish

If you have been out and about in blogland you might know that Judy of Sunshine Quilts has invited us to join her in building a log cabin............ Naturally I want to be part of that group too. That is the problem, I want to do it all.

Now to the next challenge. Do I want to shop for fabric? NO........ I am moving remember?

How about cutting some of that red fabric I bought for my red and green quilt. I finally have some neutrals stashed for just this type of occasion but do I want to dip into the fabrics alloted for another project?

While trying to make a decision I noticed the basket containing the fabrics for this log cabin quilt.

I purchased this large print floral several years ago and looked for some time for the right quilt to use it in. This one seems to fit the bill perfectly.

OH..........I just realized that the colors are terrible in that photo but you get the idea.......

I also took the time this morning to get a picture of the last beading session. Now perhaps I can get that ring in the mail to my mother.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10