Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping on Saturday

Lu and I went shopping on Saturday.

Judy over at Patchwork Times had posted a free quilt pattern and I wanted to look for some fabric to make it.

When I arrived at Heartbeat Quilts and found the fabric for this quilt. Pat was working and she had never been there when I was before. What a terrific fabric selector she is. I am not great at that part of quilting. I am learning but not there yet. Pat made a few suggestions and this is what she came up with.

Now I never would have thought of using that light one for the background. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Then I looked for fabric for the upcoming Quilt for an Hour that Judy is sharing with us. Once again I would not have selected these fabrics but I am trusting Pat on this. I will say that I really was drawn to the two periwinkle fabrics on the bottom.

Lu saw this quilt so I picked up the pattern. I ordered some batiks from Thousands of Bolts and that fabric should arrive tomorrow.

My dear Kim is a lighthouse lover. They had a quilt that is all lighthouses. I picked up this pattern for her. When I looked up their website to put on this blog I found that they have this as a BOM. If Kim likes it I will probably sign up for the Block of the Month there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures of the Kitchen

Here are the last of the House Pictures for awhile...........

I thought a view of the kitchen would be good. Yes, it does look like that most of the time.

Since I have to be ready to show the house at any time I am developing the good habit of keeping things in order.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Quite Ready But....................

There are still four areas that need attention but here it is.................

This means that this weekend when the Saturday Sewing Society meets I will not be able to join the fun. Nor can I participate in the Quiltathon.......... I am hoping that by the time October rolls around I will be all done with this except for maintenance.......and tossing more stuff as I repack.

Nancy suggested a quilt by the door. I think it looks great. Thanks Nancy for the tip.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Room Done

Another room complete. How good it is to get this much accomplished.

Since Lem uses what would be the dining room as his office, we eat in one end of the family room.

This shot if looking from the other direction. It is so unusual to see the area around my chair clear. I usually have it covered with projects. I am learning to only have one out at a time. Not easy for me.

It does look like I could have moved that blue massage pillow before I took pictures...

And last of all the fireplace.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remember the Blue Room

I finally have one room finished.... well, almost.... there is one more thing to do. I need to hem the curtains. Especially the ones behind the bed because they are on the heat vent and it will soon be cold enough for it to come on again.

So if you remember the BLUE BEDROOM.... Here it is transformed.

The walls aren't really that white. More of a linen color. This is from the hallway looking in.

And from the other side of the room.....

I got all of our folding clothes into these three drawers. It is amazing how much less laundry there is when you have fewer clothes...... But we have all we really need...........

My little duckie is from Rebekah. When you squeeze it flashes colored lights for a few minutes.

The tea cup was made in USSR and was a gift from my dear friend Lu.......

Lem just needs a lamp and a clock.
I added the quilt from my International Round Robin..... Every room needs a splash of color.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

August Pickle

Tuesday is when the Pickle meets again and I haven't even posted the picture from last month. I have no idea where the time disappears to..........

Left to right we have Susan, Barbara, Jean, Vickie, Joan and Jean.

Tea was poured by Barbara and we sat and we chatted and we discussed and we said good by to Jean................ Perhaps she will visit the Cape and be here for another Pickle.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We Are In The Homestretch

This picture is really too dark. I will try for another one later.

We are finally near the end of this adventure. There were days when I doubted we would ever get everything done. At last I can see the end. I might even get to sew again. That too was in doubt.

Vicky came over yesterday afternoon with her staging tips. This morning I got a few things hung in the master bedroom and Lem and I moved a few pieces of furniture.

The electrician was there yesterday and will be back this afternoon to finish up. The painter will have to come again because we changed the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room and the new one is smaller..........

There is still clearing out and sorting to do but I hope to get at least 9o% done by next Tuesday when the Pickle meets at my house............ Which reminds me, I never posted the pictures of the last Pickle. Let me write that down.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Block One

Just to let you know that I did acturally finish Block One, here she is................

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Block Two

I have been doing a little bit of sewing.... Not all clearing out and sorting.

I completed block two of Judy's BOM. If you did not sign up for it you missed a great project.

She is planning another Quilt for an Hour project that begins Sept 15th. You will not want to miss this one.

Some over achiever out there mentioned that she was doing two of them. That sounded good to me.......... I selected a cream fabric for the background that i will use through out the quilt. The other fabrics were from my GRAB BAG fabric. I will use it till its gone and then select more for other blocks.......... I am just not up to coordinating all the blocks at this time so this method will have to work for now.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10