Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I have a few ALMOST DONE items to show. This should be a biscornu pincushion. Peg is going to loan me a long needle so that I can get the button on the bottom and top sewn all the way through. So that is put aside till after Friday morning.

This is the first Buckshot pincushion. The pattern calls for a button on top and I think I need something to put on the bottom. Not really sure here. I tried a button but I wasn't happy with the way it looked. I really need to find my glue gun and just glue the button on top and a piece of felt on the bottom. No hurry here, I do have a few more to turn and stuff.

And this morning I got the last eight setting blocks one step closer to being complete. At this rate I might even have something for my design floor on Monday.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Most of the weekend was spent being Susan Goodwife. Baking, Cooking, Cleaning and the Usual Household Chores.......................

I did manage to carve out a couple of hours for sewing. I like Thangles. I especially like their Buck A Block. Emily's Quilt Cupboard in Franklin MA is kind enough to allow me to join in by mail since no shop in my area participates in this program.

This year I selected the Thirties fabric. The first block came last Wednesday and I was pleased to get the first one together this weekend.

Of course if one is good then two is better so I looked about for some fabric to use to make another quilt. This is what I found and here is the first block for that quilt.

Peg recommended these new pins by Clover so I purchased a package of them. They are the cat's meow in sewing squares together and getting the blocks lined up correctly. The quilt blocks went together better than ever before.

And of course I have a new pincushion finished just to hold my new pins.

I even got four of the needed 12 setting blocks done for the first green quilt.

Not bad for a weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

At least something is getting done. I have these all turned and ready to stuff. Knowing how much I like stuffing things this could take awhile.

But I did finish my hexagon pincushion. I am delighted with how it came out and the papers are ready to be reused.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I need a little diversion. Earlier I posted getting these pincushions cut out. Now when I pause from the GFG I turn a few of them. The pattern for the Buckshot Pincushions can be found on the Marcus Brothers website.

Daisy Quilts has a tutorial for a hexagon pincushion that looked interesting. I found the template for printing the hexagons for this project at moxieideas.com.

I did find time to begin assembling the setting blocks for the first Green Star Quilt. How nice to be getting things done again.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In April of 2008 Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts had a Star Block Quilt Along. The pattern is still on her site but she is not blogging anymore so if you want the pattern you might want to print it out. Her last post was New Years Day and she does say that she plans to keep the site up indefinitely but you never know. But I digress.................

I began that block a week and was keeping up rather well. In fact I did two of them. One orange

and one green. In May she posted the instructions for the setting blocks. I made the setting blocks for both quilts. The green fabric all came from Peg. She cleaned out her green bin and gave me the excess. After the setting blocks were made I discovered that there were some blue greens and some yellow greens. My setting blocks were a blue green and did not really look all that great with the yellow greens.

So why not make two green quilts. So I started the second green quilt.

Then life interfered and my studio actually moved from the basement to the second floor. Other projects caught my eye............. The house was painted inside and out, new carpet installed, new tile in the kitchen and bathroom and a new floor in the entry. I spent the next 18 months with strangers walking through my house. Not much sewing was done. We took the house off the market in December. We wanted the winter to recover from being so neat. I began to sew a bit more.

After getting the studio cleaned up this past weekend I decided to work on a few UFO's. One reason to stay with a project till it is finished is because you tend to forget exactly what you were doing. I have 9 of 13 blocks done for the first green quilt and this morning I cut the fabric and began making the setting blocks. I might actually have something to post Monday when Judy asks what is on your design wall.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

So far it has been a busy morning. Assembled a quilt block, made two batches of dog food, baked one pan of cookies and assembled the ingredients for more. Washed dishes from last night and also the ones I used this morning.

I still made it to work on time....... I just want you to check out Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways. She has a great idea for a light box that is perfect for those occasions when you are traveling and need one.

Well, break time is over so I must get that nose back on the grindstone.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10