Monday, March 29, 2010

Some progress is being made. I am starting to assemble the rows to make it easier to pick up off the design floor if someone wants to look at the house.

As I mentioned earlier, I started this quilt some years ago. My skill has improved more than I had imagined. Still I will not redo the blocks that could be better. After all this quilt is supposed to be a warm quilt, not a perfect quilt. I am not sure how I will finish the quilt. I had envisioned a couple of borders but now I find that I might not have enough of the background material. I will have to finish the second green quilt before that decision is made. What was I thinking.

The realtor we are using now gives us feedback. I like that much better. There are 13 villages on Cape Cod. They each have their own personality. Why in the world you would show a house in Orleans to someone that wanted to live in Chatham or Dennis is beyond me. Chatham is a "Lovely drinking village with a fishing problem (or so the bumper stickers say). Dennis has more traffic and is more of a tourist trap. Orleans has more retired individuals. We have a large grocery store and several pharmacies but you do have to go at least 15 miles for the hospital. Orleans is quieter. Perhaps that is why we like it best. Our house was built in 1954. No it is not a new house. So Saturday we got all ready to show the house and they were only there for 15 minutes. Why? Well, they were interested in something newer. The age of the house in on the sheet of information. Why bother to show a house built in 1954 to someone looking for new construction. I am annoyed that our time was wasted on someone not even at all interested.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I haven't had much time to sew lately. I have taken this up twice so we could show the house and it is no longer on my design floor but should I ever finish another block I can put it down again. I am thinking about adding the sashing so it would be easier to put down each time. As you can see I only have four block left to make. I have three other task that need to be completed before I get back to this one. Maybe one day soon.

Now this is actually on my design wall. The design wall is only 4 feet by 4 feet so it will not hold an entire quilt. This works well for small blocks.

This is block six of twelve of Country Cousins. I did enlarge the pattern and my blocks are 24 inches............ And I plan to hand quilt this one too.

The weekend was spent getting the house ready to show and doing errands while it was being shown. The bread is made, the dog food is made and the house is clean. I am still appliqueing the border on the GFG and quilting the Nine Patch.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Monday Wade Hamilton went for his day of beauty. I needed him to look his best for the Pickle meeting on Tuesday. We opted for his summer trim. Of course he is still wearing his coat since all of his hair is gone but that won't last long. He sure does look like a different dog.

Sunday I went to Vickie's to get help in adding the borders to my GFG. On her design wall is her current project. All of the circles on the quilt have embroidery. She is amazing.

This is a closeup of the quilt.

Vickie is working on a hexagon quilt also. Sort of an 'add as you go' quilt.

Scrappy quilts are my favorite. If I ever finish the hexagon quilts I have started I might even do one of these. It is fun to look at her quilt and see some of my fabrics in there.

We got my quilt all spread out and cut the strips for the borders.

Then we pinned the borders in place. Now every night I am appliqueing them to the quilt. I have one side done and the second side almost done. Still many nights of stitching ahead.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, another dark picture. I will have to get a picture outside when it is finished. I am making progress. This morning I prepped a few more hearts and leaves and got them ready to stitch. I might even get this block finished before Monday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I did not realize how dark this picture was till just now. Oh well, it will have to do. I have the tulips done and this morning I added a few more pieces to stitch down tonight. And tomorrow night. And maybe even the night after that. We shall see.............

Monday, March 08, 2010

This is my Monday Design Floor. Just look at the progress on my one of two Green Quilts. Just a little bit done at the odd moments I am able to sew and one day it will be done.

As to the sitting downstairs and watching TV stitching, I stitched part one of three parts of the Tulip in place and this morning I added part two of three. I can get them stitched in place tonight and then continue with my stitchery from Kaaren at the Painted Quilt. I worked on the stitchery also. It is coming along nicely. I am just not sure yet how I plan to finish it. Perhaps it will tell me when I am finished.

The realtor called to cancel the showing on Sunday. You would think that meant more time to sew but alas that was not the case.

Judy at Patchwork Times has gotten me started making my own bread. It is wonderful. I made two loaves this weekend and now have enough in the freezer for a week and a half. I made three batches of dog food for the darlings.

Judy also posted a hand cream recipe. Yes, I tried it. It is grand. The only hand cream for me from now on.

I even made a cheese spread for us to enjoy in the evenings. I have meals cooked ahead in the refrigerator and it is a good thing too. My hours have increased at work and I will be getting home later each day. On the whole it was a wonderful weekend spent at home with the light of my life.............oh and the dogs too of course.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Last night before starting my Free Embroidery from The Painted Quilt I picked up this piece to finish the last bits of applique. When I began this project several years ago the first four blocks were finished in record time. Then I made an error on this one. I tried to cut out a few steps and got it all wrong and had to do it again and again and once again............ Now it is done and I picked up my March embroidery and got a bit of a start on that.

I had planned to come upstairs this morning and sew all day but the realtor called and wants to show the house tomorrow morning at 10:00. What an obscene time to have to leave home but this could be our buyer so we will be obliging.

Instead of piecing I began the next block for this quilt. Thought I would take the time to do it the right way. I had the pattern enlarged so now I am required to tape the bits together to get the basic design. I properly traced it to lightweight interfacing and stitched that to the top of the fabric. That piece will stay there until the block is completed to make sure I get the correct placement. I try to get around this step and make a muddle of it so it is much quicker to make the tracing and move on.

All traced and ready ....................

Fabrics are chosen...........

Bias tape made and pinned in place to stitch the first bit. I will try to get this stitched tonight. Heaven only knows when I will get up here to add the next part so I want to get this done and be ready for the tulips.

Friday, March 05, 2010

I have taken the papers out of part of the GFG. Now I need to wait until Vickie and I can get together and cut and place the borders. My plans are to applique the quilt to a flowered border so that I won't have to use half hexagons or put on a small bias binding. Vickie has a large surface that is tall enough to make it easy to work on. She also works 50 hours a week and takes care of a home and family. She has so little time for her own creative projects and it is so good of her to help me with this.

While I am waiting for a break in her schedule I have looked around for something quick to stitch at night. Happily today is the first Friday of the month and Kaaren at The Painted Quilt posts a free embroidery on the first Friday of the month.

This morning we woke up to snow. Not much, but more than I wanted to deal with in order to get to breakfast with the girls at 8:00 AM. Instead I went back to sleep and did not wake up until 8:00. Then I realized that today was The Day so I went upstairs to print off this month's offering. I have it traced and all ready to start stitching tonight.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Together at last. I have the last flower sewn on and I have begun to take out the paper.

The next shots are of different sections of the quilt top. You can double click the picture and it will enlage.

Now to get the border cut and ready so that I can applique the quilt to it... Then layer and baste, quilt and bind. This quilt will be on my lap for some time to come .

I am astonished that I have gotten it together. Hanne is right. If you just keep working on something it will be finished.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10