Friday, June 29, 2007

The Second Half of Row Four

Here they are.... The last three of Row Four. I have already begun Row Five. It has seven blocks and I have completed the center of all of them and I have cut out the second third.

I also completed blocks for another Nine Patch Row...........

There is a long list of "To Do's" for the upcoming weekend. I am planning to work for 45 minutes and stitch for 15 minutes of each hour. That way I can do both.

I am filling out the forms for the Quilt Show in Canada and I can get them in the mail this weekend. That will be one thing off my list.

I signed on for the Pincushion swap and I will be working on that project this weekend. I found the perfect pincusion. I might even make one for myself.................

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Stove

Here is our new stove............... The one we had came with the house and it needed to be replaced many years ago. How pleased I am that we could budget this wonderful addition. I have always wanted a solid top. Now I will find out if I will really like it. I am the Boil Over Queen and this might be a problem.

The First Half of Row Four

It does seem as though I could find something else to post other than these blocks. This is what I am working on now and each one is so individual that I think it should have its picture taken along. They change character when they are all put together. This week I will finish Row Four and I can begin on Row Five.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Persian Pickle

The Persian Pickle met at my house last night. There are six of us but Joan was not there when this picture was taken. I am behind the camera.

I had found a copy of "The Persian Pickle" by Sandra Dallas at for everyone.

We are from left to right Vickie, Peg, Barbara and Nancy. All are extraordinarily skilled with a needle. I am blessed to have friends such as these.

Vickie loaned her copy of the book to me several months ago. After reading it I knew I needed to be in a group like that.

Lem came in and took a picture with me there in the middle.......

Then Joan arrived and we were six.................

We sat and talked and laughed and stitched....... Everyone went home with some accomplishment to show for the evening..... I am looking forward to next month when we meet again. Nancy and Barbara will be in Alaska and we will miss them but they will have lots to share when they join us in August.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Row Three Complete

This quilt is really turning out well.......... I am so pleased...........

The weekend was busy, what with laundry and vacuuming and such........... I did not get the time to stitch that I had hoped but then that is usually the case. Some how too many projects migrated into the family room and camped around my chair . Each one waves saying "Me next".

Today I cleared them out all but two........... And of course the ubiquitous sock. That is always handy to pick up when the day has been long and the mind is numb..............

Now I have the first three rows completed on RLT. I tried to work too fast and two of the blocks are not my best work. I am going slower now but enjoying it so much more.

Tonight is my stitching class and I will get more done on the Wedding Sampler. That piece is really moving along.......... Perhaps a picture tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The End and The Beginning

Here it is............. The last block for Row 2 of RLT........... Tonight I can sew this on the end and I will have 2 rows complete...............

And here is the first block of Row 3............... This one has more pieces but really isn't hard at all. I am still stitching my wee nine patch as a leader/ender and it is growing also.

There have have been several post with the magic nine patch. The one where you make the block and then cut it apart and then sew it together again............ I would like to at least try a block or two but I am resisting the urge until I get my quilts ready to ship to Val........ It is so hard to stay on a project sometimes. The next one is calling to me and it is so hard to stay on track................ This weekend I will finish the quilts for Val and get the application form in the mail. And I might even find time to knit a bit more on that pink and orange and yellow sock.VBG

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just a Wee Bit More

Here are the latest additions to Row Two of "A Road Less Traveled". I managed to cut a piece incorrectly and I had to rummage through the scraps for something else to use. I will not tell you which fabric it is and you will never know....... Knowing how long it took me to make a decision on the replacement, I was delighted that I was letting Homestead Hearth find the fabrics for this project. I would never finish because so many things look good together that I could never decide.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Block or Two

I made some time to play in the studio this morning before work. Peg told me yesterday that she had completed row 4 of the “Road Less Traveled” BOM that we are working on.

I had put mine aside while I completed other things but it called to me this morning.

I have now completed Block 6 and Block 7 on the second row which has 10 blocks.

Of course I cut two pieces incorrectly but stirring through my scraps I found something that worked almost as well……..

The more I work on this quilt, the better I like it.

While looking around at other blogs several things caught my eye. I am pleased to say that I resisted the temptation for a change.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Smocked Nightgown

Here is the picture of the baby nightie I smocked for my sister. I sent if off to her before I took the picture. She was kind enough take a picture for me......

While I was pleating it I thought it was a bit much but I blindly followed the directions. Now I wish I had listened to my inner voice and done fewer rows. It would have looked as nice and it would not have had that sort of tube look at the top. Next time I will know.

Tonight I will sit with my quilts that require binding and stitch it down. Then I will have to put the hanging sleeve on them. I am trying to stick to one project until it is finished but it isn't easy. My mind is like a butterfly, it flits to the next thing. My chair in the living room has started to COLLECT things again. Oh well, the pickle meets next Thursday and I will be forced to neaten up a wee bit before they arrive.

Since Kaye was visiting, I called the girls and we met for breakfast. How delicious. The company and the food........... Several conversations going on at once. It is hard to keep up.

Peg gave me a basket of strips.... I plan to stitch on them for awhile tomorrow. I have a blouse pattern and fabric on the cutting table. That needs to be cut out.......... The list just goes on and on...............

I am making good progress on the cross stitch piece.... Perhaps a picture of that later this week.


I like to respond to all comments. I am more than willing to share information on patterns and where to find them. Sad to say, if you are NO-REPLY and have no email address listed in your profile, then I am unable to respond.....................

Recently I have been asked questions but I have no way to answer you because I don't have an address.................

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Weekend

On Sunday we went to Provincetown................ That is about 36 miles from Orleans. It sits right out in the ocean and has wonderful shops.

We usually get a foot long hot dog then we walk around checking the shops and end up with a nice piece of Fried Dough.

We missed the foot long hot dog but indulged with the Fried Dough. Honey went with us of course...... While I toured the shops, Lem sat outside with Honey. Honey really likes that because she gets petted so much by others walking around.

Lem and Kaye stood on the beach so that I could have at least one picture of Provincetown to show you. Doesn't Honey look tired?

Some progress was made on the wedding sampler........ I am pleased with how it is coming along. This morning I sewed the binding on the two quilts I got on Wednesday and if all goes well, I can stitch it down tonight and get the labels put on.................

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh How Beautiful

Brown was so good to me yesterday...... He brought me these two quilts from Sunshine Quilts. Judy is such a gifted artist as you can see.

This is the back of the Storm at Sea setting designed by Bonnie Hunter. Look at that workmanship on this quilt..... Heart stopping..............

Here is a closer view of the back. You can see the outline of each block...........

This is the Row Jane in the Ohio Star setting designed by Mary Hickory.
Here is an up close view of the quilt. Look at that detail...........

Each block was given individual attention and quilted to perfection.

Here is a back view. Noitce the feathers on the border.......... It is apparent that Judy speaks the language of quilts.

I keep pinching myself to make sure I am awake and that these are actually my quilts.

Of course now I have to add the binding and the labels. And a Hanging Sleeve....... I have never done a Hanging Sleeve so this will be new to me.

Thank you Judy for such beautiful quilting.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It Never Fails

A very dear friend is on her way to visit us from Arkansas. She will be with us for a week and I do want everything to be just right.

I postponed vacuuming until this morning. I planned my time and got up early to get all my tasks completed. Naturally this is the morning the vacuum cleaner decided to be a problem. I noticed that it was not picking up as well as I thought it should when Lem says "The vacuum doesn't sound right." When my dear husband can tell there is definitely something wrong. I have it in the car now to take in for repairs.............

Now that I am sitting here at the office I remember that I rushed out without shining the sink. Drat............. I can't call home and get Lem to do it because he left early to go to the airport. That is a two hour drive one way.

This just proves the old maxim - If anything can go wrong it will.............

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

The last time I did a cross stitch piece on black I promised I would never do it again. A very dear friend got married, what 3 years ago and I am still struggling with her wedding sampler. Naturally I had to do it on black.......................

It is an easy piece to do. I did it on light green overdyed linen for my niece several years ago.

I thought if I showed you a picture taken this morning, I could just snap another one each day to show progress so far........ I figure it takes about one hour to do a 10 x 10 grid so you can see I have quite some time left to work on this piece.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Much happiness today........... I did the last few stitches on this project this morning. They are both packed in my bag for the Wednesday Night Class to be checked by my Guru to make sure I did not miss a spot................ Thursday the will go to the framers.........

I took the time to look for the next LOOMING LARGE project. It is a cross stitch sampler with some cut work. The last time I worked on it I cut it in the wrong place. I put it to one side and I have not been able to look at it since.

Knowing that I will not have Barry (the guru) to teach me what I need to know in order to finish several projects.... This is the next one in line....... I will need to locate a table frame for the scroll bar and then I will be working on it.

I will also confess that last night I wanted to work on appliqué and spent the evening on my third block for the Country Cousin Quilt..................... That was just the bit of refreshing I needed to push through and finish the needlepoint this morning.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Moving Along

I am moving along with this project. I am tired of these chairs now and I am ready for them to be done............... As you can see I still have the whale and the leaves and the flowers on the right to finish and that spot in the sand I missed. I called the framer to let them know I was almost done. They are holding the other two that are completed. They have had them since April 2005. That means I have been on this project for 4 years..........Much to long.... Can you tell that needlepoint is not my favorite thing to do? How wonderful to know that the end is in sight.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10