Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Tired Puppy

We are both getting a lot of enjoyment from our new addition. We are also both suffering from sleep deprivation.......... It has been many years since we had a puppy and they require more going out than I had remembered.

Yesterday Wade Hamilton was up at 4:00 AM. Lem took him for a LOOOOOONG walk yesterday afternoon to encourage him to sleep longer last night.

It worked in some respect. We went to bed at 8:30 PM and he slept till 5:30 AM. At least we got more sleep than we have in the past week.

Three Is The Charm (I hope)

Yes, that is right two purses that are not as good as I had hoped........ And I cannot find the fabric to make the handles............. Okaye, I am putting them aside and making another one. Perhaps the third one will turn out better. I have to get another black zipper but I will pick one up on the way to work and PERHAPS I can get the next one done better. The fabric I used for the first two is lovely but a real problem to work with. I should have selected better. Oh well, Lu and I will both have a purse now.......... And Jean might even get one eventually.

I took a pause from the purse disaster and went back to Donna's quilt. I suppose that is a good reason to have two things going.............. If you hit a rough spot with one you can work on the other one for awhile. Here are the last 6 blocks.

And here they are all laid out ready to sash and add the borders. I was able to get the sashing on the first row before I had to leave for work. There is always a possiblity I can get this top finished today or at least close.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jean's Purse

Vickie asked last night just what was up with Jean's Purse. She said it had been on the list WAY too long. Jean would agree with her. I suppose it is because that is our of my comfort zone. Not real good at making purses so I have been able to avoid that project.

Wade Hamilton was up at 4:00 AM and since I could not go back to sleep I went upstairs to sew for awhile. Jean's Purse attacked me......... I finished correcting the problems with the Prototype purse. There is still a wrinkle (really a wrinkle that I can't get out) in that one but it is usable and Lu said she would not mind that small problem.

Then I laid out all the parts to Jean's purse.

Several hours later, this is what I had.

I still have many steps to complete but at least I have begun. I will keep at this till it is done.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stash Buster Pledge for 2009

I printed out my pledge from Judy at Patchwork Times. I filled it in and signed it and laminated it. It is right there on my cutting table.

This is a close up of the important part. "To begin a project and stay with it until it is complete. Piece, Layer, Quilt, Bind, and Label.

This is the cardholder with index cards containing the upcoming projects....... I am going to attempt to complete these instead of dreaming up more quilts to make.

It will be nice to see these disappear one by one...........

First Up

This is the fabric I selected for my "Double Delight" that Bonnie Hunter is hosting New Years Day. No I have not finished "Orange Crush". Since when is that a requirement. After all there are no Quilt Police...............

Here are the blocks I have finished for Donna's quilt. Donna is our PA and had been simply wonderful to Lem and I. I want to make a quilt for her before we go. The blocks are from Series 4 in the Thangle Buck a Block. I used a larger Thangle than it called for and I am just going to sash the blocks with blue and white cornerstones. I can actually see this being completed.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year's Celebration

Just in case you missed it........... Bonnie Hunter is hosting a New Year's Mystery for us to enjoy.

Yes, I plan to START something else............ But I am getting a head start on my 2009 Stash Busting Pledge. Judy at Patchwork Times has a new spin on getting control of our stash. I have signed my pledge and I will be looking through what I already have to make my New Year's Mystery. I remembered some cheddar fabrics I had purchased over the years so tomorrow I will look for them. Not an easy task with so much packed up already but I have a good idea where they are..............

Half of the house blessing is done tonight and I can finish up in the morning. We have errands tomorrow morning and a good thing because the realtor is showing the house at 11:00... Much prayer being said that someone will purchase the house soon. Lem and I are ready to move on....

I will keep working until we move. After all the job does help pay for health insurance.

Family Photos

Here is Lem with our dear Honey Wilkes. Honey is getting older so we got a playmate for her in the hopes that it will perk her up a bit. She is a wonderful companion but is beginning to spend most of her time just sleeping.

So............. We got Wade Hamilton..... The idea is for them to play together. No one told Honey that. All she does is run to the bedroom and hop on the bed to get away from him.

He is a wonderful new addition to our family. It has been many years (31) since we have had a puppy in the house and I am not sure who is training who.

Trip Home

We started home on Monday. The first leg of the trip went well EXCEPT......................

Lem had pulled a groin muscle and after the first 75 miles I had to drive the rest of the way. Made it to the motel by 5:00 but we were extremely tired. Unloaded the necessities and went to McDonalds for dinner. I am so tired of fast food.

Not much sleep. We were both in distress from sore muscles and did not rest at all. Tuesday morning I started out driving. All was well. We should have been home by 4:45. Good luck. Ran into major traffic after the Tappen Zee Bridge and did not arrive home till 7:00.......... Nine hours to make a six hour trip.

I had to work on Wednesday. Sure would have liked to stay home and recover.

After work we went to the grocery store for Christmas Dinner........... Spent the evening just sitting and relaxing.

Yesterday I actually got some sewing done. Until I went downstairs to cook that is.

We had a delicious dinner and once again did nothing but vegetate.........

Both of the children called.......... A rather pleasant day with Lem and Honey and Wade Hamilton.

Friday, December 19, 2008

We Have Arrived

I have been trying to upload a picture but it seems to be a problem this morning.

We made it here late yesterday afternoon. I am glad not to have to get into a car again today and go somewhere.

Jean and I are going to tackle the china cabinet this morning.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This and That

Here we are in Elkton, Maryland..... This seems to be the 1/2 way point to Danville from Cape Cod.

We left yesterday morning at 9:30 am and arrived here around 5:00. I made sandwiches for us so we did not have to stop except for fuel once and to walk the dog. Traffic moved along (rather fast for me in some places). Did I mention that as I get older my anxiety while traveling increases? Those large trucks bring my comfort level down to naught.

I had fried chicken and bought potato salad so we did not have to try to find somewhere to eat after we got to Elkton. I had even packed an overnight bag so that we did not have to completely unload the car. Sorry to say I packed my camera in the large suitcase so there are no pictures. I suppose some times life comes with no pictures.

Lem bought us both internet cards to use and we each sat in bed watching tv and typing away on our laptops. I am delighted that he got a wireless card for his Gateway. Now we can both be wireless.

I am waiting until 6:00 AM when the coffee is supposed to be ready in the office. Then I can slip into some clothes and get a cup.

Monday, December 15, 2008

This and That

At last I got all the hexagons cut for the diamonds for my Insanity Quilt. Some time I might even get an icon or chart of some kind on the sidebar but for today I am just pleased to have the fabric ready to stitch.

Got that done just in time to get my gift ready for the Saturday Sewing Society Christmas gathering. We were supposed to find something we had in our own sewing room that we were willing to give away.

These are the items I chose.

And here we are at Marshside Restuarant.

This is the table with our gifts........... The ubiquitious Yankee Swap...

But first we gave our fearless leader (perhaps she should be) a gift certificate. Judy makes arrangements for our venue, reminds us all by email of the day. Keeps us up to date on what is happening with everyone . She shows up before everyone to unlock and stays till everyone leaves. She schleps a coffee pot with her and all sorts of other things like plates and cups and spoons and forks and anything else we might need.

And here are the gifts

This is the gift I ended with. The guilt is still nagging me. My dear Peg got this first and I snagged it from her.

As you can tell from Joanie's smile........We had a grand time..........

Saturday, December 13, 2008


No pictures yet today..... Maybe later on.

No sleep last night either. I finally got tired of the effort of trying to fall asleep and went upstairs to sew.

Lem and I are making the long trip to Virginia next week. We are meeting my brother and sister at Mama's apartment for "THE GREAT DIVIDE"..... Jason and Kim are going to meet us next weekend there and lend a much needed hand.

Jean has already begun clearing out quite a bit. Giving clothes the the local clothes closet, sorting through paperwork, dividing pictures and all that sort of thing.

Today Lem and I are gathering together things we need to take with us and basically getting ready.

Along those lines, I am thinking about what handwork to take. I always take too much. Like I really think I will have time to knit 5 pairs of socks in one weekend.........Really now.......

The timer just sounded. I was allowing myself 30 minutes to compute before I faced the day. Time to be off, back later.

3:18 PM...........

The errands are done, lunch is over and I had a wee toes up. Still no sleep. Perhaps tonight. It has been some time since we have made a planned trip South. The last four years have been the emergency trips. This planning and packing is wearing me down.

This just in from my Sister:

You need not worry about handwork while you are in Danville. Just bring enough to keep you busy while traveling. I will have my knitting for you to work on and that's probably all we will have time to do.

I know what she is thinking of.......... I should be making her purse instead of planning something for the trip.................

Friday, December 12, 2008

Red Letter Day

Any day I get to see Vickie is a red letter day ............ day - a memorably happy or noteworthy day (from the custom of marking holy days in red on church calendars)
She called to say she was in Orleans and joined me for tea......... Even bought me a gift for the season......

How good it is to sit down and sip a hot cup of tea and compare upcoming projects.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Answers for Jean

Why the weighted blanket?

Many children and adults with sensory processing issues find the weighted blanket very comforting and calming.

These are the polymer beads that I am putting in the blanket....... First I layered the minkee and print fabric with muslin. Then I put the binding on three sides. I knew it would be easier to deal with before I added the weights............... I had three bags of beads so I divided the blanket into three sections and sewed from top to bottom. As it turned out the pockets are 3 1/2 inches.

I then added the beads to each tube and shook the blanket to encourage them to go to the bottom.

I found the sliding the ruler down the fabric would encourage the beads to go to the end of the pocket.

After stitching that section closed, I then marked the next pocket and began again. I now have two more rows to fill and I can finish attaching the binding. Tonight I can stitch down the binding and mark this off my list.

Yes Jean, your purse is next....................VBG

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Last of the Quiltathon Progress.

Here is the bag of polymer beads......... There are three of them. I am measuring and doing the math to get them added to the blanket. All the tubes are sewn and the binding is on three sides. Now to add the beads and get this finished.

I did pause for a bit and put a flannel cover on a piece of foam core from Staples. The perfect thing to lay out block pieces on to take from cutting board to sewing machine. I have been looking at that board for over a year and finally took the 30 minutes needed to get it covered.

And I finished block number 4 of "As Time Goes By"....... It is a BOM from Keepsake quilts that Rebekah bought. I am having the fun of assembly. This will be my next quilting project and I wanted enjoy a few minutes and paused long enough to assemble this block.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Why Do You Quilt?

That was a question asked by Judy of Patchwork Times fame.

While I was working in the studio on Sunday I turned that question over in my mind to see if I could get a concise answer.

I quilt for the same reason I knit and sew garment and bead and tat and do needlepoint and cross stitch.

When I hold a needle in my hand I am connected back through time with all the other women that have made their homes more cheerful and comfortable by stitching. I have one cross stitch sampler that says:

"In the rhythm of the needle there is music for the soul."

For me the rhythm of the needle is relaxation.

Alice's Restuarant

Yesterday was Lem's birthday. I began the day by sewing for 4 1/2 hours. It was simply delightful. More on that later.

This is a picture of the front of the art studio of Alice Brock. Alice was the owner of Alice's Restuarant that Arlo Guthrie sang about. She now lives in Provincetown and Lemuel wanted to meet her so we drove over there in the snow to see her.

I got a picture of them together. She has a tiny studio in the front of her house.

Such a wonderful place. Everywhere you looked there was something to feast the eyes on.

These are made from broken pottery shards, beads and other fun things. I am keeping that in the back of my mind for a project one day.

And there Alice sits at her table where she paints rocks. Behind her is the stair way that goes to her upstairs living area.

Some of her Art Work.

And more..............

See the punch bowl? It is filled with white and cream colored pieces of pottery.

It was a grand day. We began it with waffles for breakfast, one of Lem's favorites.

Then we were off to Provincetown and our meeting with Alice.

After we got home it was time for me to take a nap..................

Then I fixed Lobster for dinner. A real treat for us.................

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10