Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wee Gifties

I signed on for the Birthday Siggy swap (I did mention earlier that I was a real pushover for siggy swaps).

Since everyone deserves a gift on their birthday so I thought I would enclose a Wonder Wallet with each one.

When I got home from work yesterday I cut out 20 of them. They don't take long to cut and you can get two from one fat quarter. I then sorted them into colors that could use the same thread color. Changing the thread can eat up time. Especially if you have to fill a bobbin too. No I do not have a sidewinder but if anyone gave one to me as a gift I would enjoy using it. I mention this only because sometimes my daughter reads this blog and I thought I could give her a hint.

Here they are, all lined up with the correct thread and pressed and ready to stitch. Time to go downstairs for the evening.

This morning I got 14 of them sewn. Six more to go.

I made these years ago for friends and my Dear Lu asked if I could make a few for her friends too. "Of course", I said but alas I never got it done. I called her last night and suggested she stop by before I mail them off to select the ones she wanted. I will probably make 10 more next week. Tomorrow is breakfast with the girls and mornings are when I can sew.

Saturday I will be in the garage packing up some odds and ends and getting that area looking a bit more spiffy.

Sunday is another open house for us. I keep hoping the Lord will find the right buyer for us but so far He has us treading water for some reason. I understand that He knows best but my human nature is wanting to move NOW.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Lately I have been giving much thought to finishing and the importance we place on it.

I will confess that I tend to be a bit compulsive obsessive. Doesn't seem that I have seen a quilt I did not want to make. Fabric makes my heart go pitter pat. The more small pieces a quilt has,
the more my heart flutters.

Thanks to the encouragement from some of my fellow bloggers I will say I am at long last enjoying more finishes and starting fewer projects.

I have finally made my list of the projects I have in the studio. I really go oven the top when anyone offers a B0M or if Judy has a new pattern.

Siggies are another weakness of mine. Below are the first of my birthday siggies. This year I am adding a wonder wallet by Lazy Girl. If you don't have one of these you are missing a real handy item. I am moving right along and have one fourth of them done.

The other day there was nothing prepped in my basket by my chair except this Gail Pan design. You can click her link on the side bar. This is a pattern she offered free. I have no idea at this time what fabric I will use for this stitchery or exactly how it will be finished. A small wall hanging or even a pillow. Only time will tell. I am still counting it as a finish for now.

A few days later I prepped the April block from Gail Pan. I have two of them stitched with fabric but I am not to happy with the choice. It is what I had on hand. I am not going to add the borders to anymore but look for a fabric I like better first.

One of my Long Term Projects is the ubiquitous Grandmother's Flower Garden. I have been working on this since 2005. No, not consistently but every once in a while the muse brings this to mind and I add a few more flowers. Well, all the flowers are done and now we are in the assembly stage. FINISH? I sure do hope to. SOON... Probably not. I am enjoying this adventure. I have gotten pleasure from every stitch I placed in this quilt. I have stitched it at home and on car and plane journeys. This quilt has traveled with me to North Carolina and back more than once. And when it is done I will remember those times while I wrap it around me.

This past weekend I cut all the rest of the strips of fabric for the pathways. Now I can just cut out the hexagon shapes

and iron on the freezer paper. I will be working on this for many more days and nights. But who is in a hurry?

Finishing is nice but so is the journey. I will be much more thoughtful about any project I begin and I will be finishing many more than I start but I will alter my pace and savor the time I spend with my needle much more than ever before.

Another Thing or Two.

I made a few of these little bags with a pocket and a zipper closing. I really do not remember the name of the pattern but I will add it later with a link.

They are easy to assemble and I enjoyed making them. I made one for the Siggy swap mom and one for the designer of the siggy stamp I used.

This one was mailed with my Dear Jane Siggies.

This is the picture Jane drew for me for my Dear Jane Siggy swap. Then I sent it to Carol to be made into a stamp. They are all done and in the mail. Boy am I happy about that.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Before the First of May

I simply MUST finish:

Tisket Tasket Block

Leanne's House Block Six

Birthday Siggies

I am close on all three things but so far I have not crossed the line on anything.

I also looked at my Finishes for the year. I see a few things missing from the list so I need to update that.

We should have good weather this weekend and making some order in the garage is on the top of the list. I should also clear out my car a bit. It seems to collect things that need to be taken here and there and now most of it needs to be unloaded.

I would also like to get some email read and answered. So many things - so little energy.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Have Had

just a little hitch in my git-along..............

Several years ago I fell and injured my back. All has been well until the last year. Things have been increasingly worse so we (not the royal we, just myself and spouse) had the Dr. check it out.

Then it was off to The Spine and Pain Clinic of New England. We did a test several weeks ago and another one today. In May I go back for one more try to get the problem resolved.

As many people in America, I am working for health insurance. I have to show up each day but by the time I got home it was just to try anything to get the back to ease off.

That meant not much sewing going on each morning although I did manage to get my siggies made for the Blog Siggy swap and they were mailed out on Tuesday. I haven't been able to get my usual blocks prepped each morning for hand work in the evening.

Fortunately I had already prepped the Noah's Ark blocks and I am pleased to report that they are done and assembled.

Yesterday I was looking around for something else to stitch in the evening and my GFG came to mind. Vickie and I had laid out the flowers and they were all marked and ready to assemble. I now have that beside my chair for a time.

Who knows, perhaps the next treatment will work and I will be back to my old self.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10