Friday, March 30, 2007


Perhaps you remember "The Breakfast Club". We meet on Friday mornings for breakfast. Left to right are Peggy, Nancy, Vickie and Joan.

We are all members of the same guild but I am not as much of a risk taker as some of the others are.

Nancy was not there today so there were only four of us discussing the challenge quilt that each of us is supposed to make for the Quilt Show. We aren't too pleased with the limitations. After some discussion of one of the ideas on the table we decided to enter into a union of 4 and make one big quilt to enter into the show. The theme this year is "The Seasons of Quilting". We came up with a master plan. Then we placed each season on a slip of paper and drew it out of the basket (I just emptied the basket that had the little jelly packets in it) Peg got Spring, Vickie drew Summer, Autumn was for June and I got Winter. I can't seem to stop the ideas that are swirling around in my head............. This is going to be a real adventure for me. I tend to be traditional in my quilting and this will be just for fun................

These are the fabrics we were supposed to use. We have taken the idea and gone in a different direction.

Siggy Report

I need to stamp and paint 20 more.

I have 65 cut and ready to sew.

I have 20 to embellish with gel pens.

I have 55 that need the charm sewn on.

Bet we know what I will be doing this weekend.

After I go to the lecture on Yarn at our local library.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gray Socks

At long last the gray socks are done. I finished them while I waited for the car to be tested.

I managed to finish sewing 35 siggies on Saturday and 20 more this morning. I will be embellishing them with the glitter gel pens tonight. That process takes more time than I realized. So glad to have several good books on tape for the event.

This weekend I removed everything from my upstairs work area except the siggies and the pink yarn for the baby socks that I will knit next. I always have to have an easy knitting project for those occasions when there is some viewing pleasure available on television.

Lem pointed out some cobwebs in the living room. I explained that until I met the upcoming deadline, they would have to stay with us. He is working 12 hours a day and I am the support staff for him.

I am trying to make sure he eats right and that means more cooking than usual for me. After the 15th of April, he will be able to help with that sort of thing more.

I am just pleased to be able to strike one more thing on my list.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Done 159 To Go

Since I couldn't make up my mind which picture to post, I decided to post both of them. The colors have changed a wee bit.......... And the glitter doesn't bling as much as it does in real life.

Tonight will find me finishing up the green portion and then I can start putting them together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Signing on the Dotted Line

I signed up for the Siggy swap on the Dear Jane list again this year. This will be year number three for me. Every year since I joined the list I have enjoyed this event. No, I have not assembled any of the quilts but that is the goal for this year. To assemble all three of them, I hope in time to take to Bennington in October to share with the nice ladies at the museum there.

Someone introduced me to Carol at Inkspirations in time to make a special stamp for my second year. This year she designed another one for me to go with the fabric I had purchased for this event. The original idea was to have a stamp so I would not have to sign my name so many times. Now I have the stamp so that I can paint and embellish the siggy. The deadline for receipt is April 15th. I have to make 160 of them. I will be spending all of my free time until then getting these darlings painted and embellished. I am already thinking about next year as I am working.

This is 3 1/2 inch blocks of muslin ironed on to sheets of freezer paper. There are 25 to a sheet. I am ready to stamp the design.
Last year I painted sand...............This year I am painting sand........ I really am tired of sand.

All the sand is done and I have begun adding the pink portion of the umbrella. After the pink comes the green and then I need to assemble the blocks before I got to work with the glitter pen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Introducing Savannah

Here she is.................. My gorgeous Singer 301 long nose....... Robert has her in top working order and he even sent a cradle in case I ever wanted to put her in a cabinet....... He has really provided me with some wonderful tools of the trade.

Things at work are getting so much busier for the next several weeks. I am also in the middle of a project at home that has a looming deadline. I must really like the pressure because I keep going back for more......................

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finally a Finish for March

It might not look like it but there are two wrist warmers there. Finally I have something else finished.

They will be a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe next year. I even have a matching pair of socks.

Those little wooden sticks are size one double pointed knitting needles that are 4 inches long. They are so much easier to use with socks than the longer ones.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here is the "Ocean Waves Jane" I am assembling right now. The blocks are from a Row Jane I participated in last year.

The bottom photo shows 4 different sashing blocks. I would ordinarily go with the one on the far left (dark blue and light blue) but Vickie suggested I try to add a bit more interest. The yellow that you see is a print with blue flowers.

I stopped by the shop this morning to show Vickie the blocks and to get assistance with the decision. As I was leaving I glanced at the 30% off bolts. There was the perfect backing and it was originally $5.99 a yard and I got 30% off of that price. There was just enough for the backing. Oh what a great find. I will post pictures tomorrow of the backing I bought today and a close-up of the yellow.

Let me know which block you think is best to use.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Flimsy Pieced

It was a busy weekend. I did get my table made and all set up ready to go. Lem even came downstairs to assist. After I moved everything from one wall and we got the table set up, I decided I wanted it on the other wall. I cleared everything from that area and asked him to help me move the table. As he is standing on one end and I am on the other, he looks up and says "are you sure this time? We aren't going to have to move this again are we?". My reply was "Well, we might if I don't like it there. All he could say was "oh, I see"..........

He really is good about my attempts to re-arrange furniture. My mother is famous for it. Papa always said he made sure where the bed was before he laid down as once he walked into a dark bedroom and discovered himself on the floor because she had moved the bed somewhere else in the room............... I usually get it the way I want it and leave it there for years.... Once I was in 're-arrange mode' and he asked exactly why we were moving the furniture. "It is either this or I go shopping" was my reply.

Anyway, I did get my Hour A Day top pieced and I am pleased with the results. The next thing to do is the siggies for the Dear Jane swap........ I can start painting them this weekend if all goes well. That is an upstairs project. The downstairs project is the Ocean Waves Jane. I got two of six rows assembled. I had printed the incorrect setting block for the sashing row but I have that corrected now and I hope to get one of those rows done. That block will have the yellow in it and should add excitement to the quilt. As soon as I get a row done you will have a snapshot.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Breakfast Club

Only Vickie and Joan were there today. Everyone else is traveling this week.

Vickie brought three more blocks that she has completed for the Country Cousins challenge. Here she has done 4 blocks and I haven't finished the first one.

It has been too cold to sit in the family room and applique. The weather is supposed to be better starting today so there is hope.

I must finish the siggies first and Kim's blocks for the final Row Jane. I hope to be able to make the legs for my table this weekend, at least if all goes as planned. I can't imagine it should take too long.

I only have the last hour to finish on my Hour a Day Quilt. It is turning out so well. Judy does the absolute best instructions. I have had great success with every one of the designs she has shared with us.

I also made the decision to do one block on the first row of my "The Road Less Traveled" BOM. That is going to be a fun quilt to make.

Perhaps I will have a table to show tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I must feel the same way about tote bags.

I had finally emptied my pink tote bag and I should have hidden it immediately.

I filled it instead.

I will confess, I like hand knit socks. I like working with the new computer dyed yarns. Some of you may remember my collection of sock yarn from last year. I have been knitting socks with a few side trips into “baby hat” land. This has been my “sit and watch TV” project all winter. I noticed that when I wanted to wear something pink there were not a lot of socks to coordinate.

On Friday, after I went to the library I stopped at my local yarn shop. They had received some new sock yarns and who among us could resist those wonderful colors. There were several that I did resist because they would have been $18.00 per pair and I haven’t gone that high in my spending for socks quite yet.

They even had a pattern for a “wrist warmer”. That looked like fun and the pattern was free so I went home and put my gray socks aside and began the wrist warmer. So now I have the gray sock, pink baby sock, pink baby hat, burgundy childs hat and the wrist warmer all in some stage of completion in the basket beside my bed. I also have a full pink tote once more.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What No Pictures?

Well, I took them. Passed the camera to Lem so that he could email them to me. Then when it is break time here at work, I can post them. We know about the best laid plans, don’t we? They are all so blurry that you get nauseas just looking at them.

I spent the weekend on chores. I did get some sewing done but not what I had hoped. We got the table moved out of the studio. Didn’t have to take the legs off after all, just put it on its side and angle the legs through the door. We couldn’t get it upright again so there it is in the back room waiting for some assistance. Then I got the plastic carts moved where the table was. The Duchess is on the Field Desk and the Janome is on another desk. The desk aren’t the same height. I don’t like it at all. I need a table to put the two machines on so there will at least be room for my coffee cup and pin cushion. You know one of those tables they sell at office supply places. Like the one that is under the cutting table. The cutting table that has a long sheet of paneling left over from something to make the table longer. Did a bit of laundry, thought a bit more.

Here’s the plan…………… I found some 2x4’s in the garage. Amazing what is actually out there……… I can make legs for the cutting table top, use the other table for the sewing machines, move the plastic carts to the wall where the cutting table is now and hang the design board over it…….. I got the plans all drawn. I am just waiting for the weekend to get started. I am also thinking of painting the floor again this summer. It is really stained and it would be more pleasant if it looked nice. After all, just how much can paint cost? If I paint the floor I wonder how it would look to paint some quilt blocks on it for interest? I did uncover the bulkhead door Saturday so I could open it for ventilation. Okay……. I will put a stop to all this thinking and get back to work.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh So Sweet

Here is my block for the guild meeting tonight. Not that I will win the lot but I do continue to try. Those interested bring a block made from the directions given at the last meeting. For each block you bring you can put your name in for the drawing. The lucky winner gets them all.

Such a simple little block. I just was not able to get it right. I had to take out almost as much as I put in............ Can't imagine why. After I finished my eye went to a nice blue fabric that would have much better. I am not making another one for tonight. There just won't be time.

Another One

Yes, another Jan Patek BOM arrived yesterday. I haven't even started the first one...... I picked up my Faye Anderson block last night to finish but "my eyelids grew very heavy". No one was swinging a coin in front of my face but I was out for the count. Asleep at 8:30PM.

That sure won't get the applique done..............

What Happened to February?

Here it is March and I haven't finished with February yet. Instead of adding to the list the things I planned for March, I will finish February instead. Things seem to get away from me anyway. I finished piecing the New Years Day quilt and put it aside to layer and quilt later. It is out again because I realize it is the perfect gift for Kate.

I had planned to archive for awhile at least the Hour A Day quilt I am working on but since Samuel has moved into his own abode, I will want to get it finished for him.

These two quilts are perfect for me to learn to machine quilt on. I have no idea how long something like this will take. I still have the one Peg and I layered two weeks ago waiting in the wings.

One thing for sure, there is NO PRESSURE. I will continue to work on them and adjust my list as the need arises.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10