Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Picture or Two

As promised here is a picture of the first 10 hexagons. Each Hexagon is about the size of a quarter. They really are fun to make.

And for Jean, here is a picture of your purse so far................

Tonight is Barry's and Shepherd's Pie for dinner.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Next Up

Don't know where to put something? Just put it in this room. I have spent months clearing out and sorting and giving away and packing.......... Here is one of the two pockets of trouble left in this house.
There sits my computer with its stack of 'to be filed' and around me are some beading projects that need to be organized, some knitting that needs to be addressed and in the basket under the window are two quilts. One to quilt and one to tack................ This is the area I will be working on for the rest of the week and IF all goes well I should finish this weekend.

Don't worry Jean, I did start your pocketbook........... I have the body made and I am now working on the lining.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday Nights I go to Town Ho Needle Craft and sit with my guru Barry and others while we stitch. I just finished "Wisteria" and took it to the framers on Friday. Now it is time for another project. This time I will work on my Needlework Casket.

I don't know why the picture came out this way. I downloaded it twice and it is still sideways. Anyhow, that is what the finished project should look like. There are several decorative stitches in the design so it isn't just your ordinary cross stitch.

And here is my box. Barry had these about 12 years ago and I bought it and the fabric, thread and pattern at that time. Well, now is the time to complete this project.

The Bag

Here is a picture of The Bag....... I had several BOM's coming from Homestead Hearth. They have wonderful BOM's of some of my favorite designers. They also have a grab bag. These are left over from their Kits...... I called and asked that one be included in each shipment to me. That gave me free shipping on the grab bag. I dumped all the fabric into this large bag. Did I mention that I am a fan of scrap quilts.............

Now I am going to see just how many quilts I can get from this fabric. I know I will need to add fabric to some of them to get the design I am after but still, this is so much fun.

The bag doesn't appear full because I have little stacks where I am cutting fabric.

Like here........

and here................................

This is the second one I am making from the grab bag. The first one (pictured below) was when Crazy Mom did her Quilt Along

I have already began making the little hexagon diamonds for the center of the quilt. I will post a few pictures as I go along.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


The few thank you notes I had to mail are now ready to go. My dear sister did the bulk of them and I only had a few but of course she finished long ago. I am just not good at thinking of what to say but I did find this book that is a great help.

At the meeting of the Bead Society last week we made these snowflakes. Great project and so easy to make. Yesterday when Vickie and I were in Hyannis I stopped at the bead shop for a few more 4mm bicones to turn out more of these.

I also put in the last stitches of this wedding sampler. I have an appointment on Friday to select the frame for it. I am so pleased to get it done. Now I can begin my next MAJOR cross stitch project. Pictures of that later.

All in all it was a good weekend. I am ready to head to work tomorrow........

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday morning and so far nothing to take a picture of.

I do have the laundry started and began to go through the email. I got today's e-mail done. Now on to the other 1872 emails.........

I started the day with working on a wedding sampler that should have been done a year ago. I should finish it this week and I sure hope so because I already have an appointment with the framers on Friday.

Now off to another basket of laundry and a bit of house blessing.

Thank you notes are at the top of the list so I will get them done also.

The problem is that I want to do it all...............

Heartstrings sent their newsletter and this was in the letter

Becky Washburn ( is in need of helpers for a special service project. She writes ...
Thank you very much for the free
Mini-Sock pattern. It's very generous of you.
My goal is to knit 850 of them for a very special Engineer Battalion currently deployed in the far out regions of Iraq for Christmas. At least 1/2 of these young men receive no mail or any sign of life from home. More of them than you would think don't get any mail at all. And a small token would mean the world to them. Do you think anyone would be willing to help me? I have a few done but a long way to go. And I know that Christmas will be particularly bleak. I am a friend of their Chaplain and I want them to each have something personal for Christmas, stuffed with a little something.
I have some sport weight and some worsted weight, I just want them to be colorful. They took a picture for me out one of the windows, and all there is for all the distance you can see, is SAND, and MORE SAND.
The mini-socks only have to hold a pack of gum, a couple pieced of candies and a candy cane. The candy cane will be added by the chaplain, from boxes sent, so they don't all break.
I was using the Magic 28 pattern on a larger needle, but I'm using your Mini-sock pattern with worsted weight yarn instead and a larger needle, so they are a bit bigger, and relaxed to fit some fillings. But still small enough.
I hope that I can knit fast. If you know of anyone wishing to help, I would be grateful.

Of course I printed the pattern and will see about making a few of them. I mean, just how long can that take.

Jackie also posted a mini-sweater pattern on her site that is adorable. I can just see a whole tree of them. Now I know what to do with all those bits of sock yarn. If you have never been to her site it is a wonderful place to shop.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Currently Under Construction

On October 1st my Lemuel retired. He sold his business (he prepared tax returns) and now he can enjoy a much deserved rest. Our phone number was 240-1040. If you are in the United States you recognize that 1040 is also the number of the Federal Tax Return. It took me a year to get that number. As soon as I found out that it was going to be available I started trying to get it. Well, the phone number went with the business so our phone went from business to residential. Sounds easy doesn't it......... Not for Verizon........... It was not until today that we finally got our phone working correctly. This meant I was unable to check email or blogs or download patterns. That is okaye, I have been working on other things but now I am WAY behind in mail............... So I will be attempting to get some things organized and so some clerical housekeeping both real and virtual.

Thank you for all the kind words and prayers.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happier Times

Here we are in happier times.......... This was taken in November of 2006.........

Mama passed away Friday morning. Lem and I made the long trip from Massachusetts to Virginia (800 miles) leaving MA at 4:40 AM Friday morning and arriving at Virginia about 9:00 PM....

The service is tomorrow and we will be returning to the Cape later in the week........

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10