Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lem just sent me this picture of the Amaryllis we got from Vickie. Isn't it a wonderful color. We have enjoyed watching it grow and now it is starting to bloom. Just what we need when it is so white and cold outside.

God's promise of better things to come.

Several years ago I saw my first Jan Patek quilt on Quilting is my Passion.

With Jan Patek if you sign up for the BOM you are automatically signed on for next year unless you opt out.

This is the first block for 2009. She has information on this BOM on her website.

I have 2007 and 2008 all together and ready for assembly. I enjoy her designs because they are so much easier to do since they are folk art.

I had just a few minutes this morning and began tracing the designs onto freezer paper. I should be knitting Jean's sock but I want a carrot right now so I will get this prepped.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reporting In

I got mini block one complete of Block Four of my Leanne's House. I already see a problem that needs to be tweaked but that is easy.

Close up of the embroidery.

I also finished my Gail Pan Block. The fabric came from THE BAG. I am all ready for the next one.

Monday, January 26, 2009

You MUST check this.......

Toddle on over to Shirley Anne's Heart and read her latest entry. Be prepared to LAUGH...

Don't forget to read the print under the picture.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I really don't like to do errands in the winter. Too cold to be in and out. BUT..... They must be done.

On the way home from work last Friday I had a flat tire. It had to be replaced. I had the spare put on till Lem and I could decide where to get the tire...... After much checking about we decided to go ahead and get two new ones from Bill's Sunoco.....

Originally I was going to have them put on while I was at breakfast with Joan and Peg. I had called Joan and she was going to collect me from Bill's and take me back after breakfast to get my car. Lem called to make the arrangements. BUT..... He forgot to mention a time and they did not have anyone working until 10:00 AM so that plan fell through.

Plan B was to take my car to get tires while we did the errands and pick it up on the way home.

I got up early, finished the house blessing, completed most of the laundry and we were set to be at Bill's by 10:00 AM.....

Got both doggies in their coats and seatbelts. Headed out to our cars. As I got mine started, Lem blew his horn. His car would not start. We jumped it and began our journey once more.

Well, $126.00 for tires my car and $120.00 for a battery for his car..... Groceries, bank, pet food store, Staples, and CVS.

I came home for a wee toes up.....(nap).................... No sewing to speak of. Just some hand work at night.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Do You Keep Your Buttons?

I keep my buttons in this lamp. Some people put shells and such in these lamps but this is where I keep my buttons. At some point I am supposed to glue buttons to the lamp shade but that will have to be an After We Move project.

Last night I opened the lamp and sorted buttons looking for some for my Tisket Tasket Block. Normally I would stop at my LQS and pick up some buttons but this year we are being frugal and that meant finding the lamp, opening the lamp and then putting the buttons back when I was done. These are the ones I kept out as possibles for this project.

And here is my block. All done.... Before the end of the month................... Very Big Grin.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Report on January

Yes, you have seen this before but this time it is FINISHED............. Complete right down to the label being sewn on. Now when Lem goes to the Dr.'s in February he can take this to Donna.

I also put the finishing touches on Kim's Afghan. Not only that but it is ready to mail today..........

And here is block one of Leanne's House. I am delighted to have the first block done. This morning I began getting pieces ready to embroider for the next block.

Part four of Double Delight is all complete.

This morning I began part five of Double Delight and I also got ready to finish my Nifty Fifty Blocks. Their deadline is fast approaching and they need to be completed this weekend. When they are done I will only have one more thing with a deadline. Everything else will be for me or my family and can be done at my leisure. What a delight. The question is 'Have I learned not to sign up for things or make promises?'.........Probably not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Gift From Jean

This is the surprise gift I received from Jean Mello in December. I finally got a picture made and online.

I first met Jean in a class at Murray's Fabrics. Jean is always there to assist in any project. She gave her time willingly to make kits for the Linus Project. Anytime someone needed a helping hand Jean was available. Not to mention her upbeat outlook on every event. She makes every occasion a memorable party. Last fall she moved to Wisconsin to be with family. I am pleased to report that she is now blogging. The only blogger that I have ever met personally.

Typically she is now teaching quilting to her family and friends.

Welcome Jean.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

It has been a busy weekend for many people.

May Britt hosted a session for making Warming Quilts in Elverum. She had some great help because Anne Ida and Hanne were there stitching along with her.

Jeri over at Tangled Threads spent Saturday with her group finishing UFO's............

While gadding about online I found Lynda Hill. She had a wonderful idea about the Dresden Plate I see in my future. Of course that was brought on by looking at Ruthie's on Threads of Mine. I also found a great tutorial at Pink Penguin.

The Saturday Sewing Society met on Cape Cod but I could not attend. Someone came to look at our house and that meant I had to do a thorough house blessing. Lem and I did ride over to Brewster to that they could meet Wade Hamilton.

After all that excitement I got some sewing done. I finished Part Four on Double Delight.

The last step of Part Four is to cut out 80 - 3 1/2 inch squares. I got that done also.

That was easy for me because I have an Quilt Cut 2. I first heard of this on the Dear Jane list and most people rave about them. I thought long and hard and last year when I broke my wrist I really longed for one. I have never gotten back to full strength of that wrist and I find I am not as able to hold the ruler steady as I once was. I found a friend that had one but was not using it at all. She was pleased to sell it to me and 1/2 the price and I brought it home. It sat on the end of my cutting table for awhile but now I find I am using it more and more.

I can set the arm for the size strip I want to cut. No longer do I cut a strip the wrong size because I looked at the wrong line on my ruler.

After the strips are cut in on direction I simply move my ruler to the other side and cut again.

How nice to be able to cut all 80 blocks without moving the fabric.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a Little Progress

This is my nine patch leader ender........... I have what should be one half of it done and then I started from the other direction. From the looks of the blocks I have left to attach I might have miscounted and it could have a few more than originally planned.

Here is a close up...........

I have completed the first half of Double Delight Part 3...............

All these lovely pieces to put together in nine patches......... I should have a great time this afternoon after work.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


What is it about January that makes us clean out our cabinets and drawers?

What is it about January that causes us to bring out those UFO's and tackle them once again?

What is it about January that gives us that "Begin Again" feeling?

I sure do wish that January feeling would last longer.

The Realtor called yesterday. Someone wants to see the house on Saturday afternoon. I called Lem to let him know and he says "Can we be ready in time?"......... He is still conditioned to the day when we had so much stuff that it took a month and an act of congress to get ready for someone to darken our door. When I got home yesterday we went grocery shopping. Oh Joy............... When we got home I put our chicken pot pie in the oven and while that cooked I put away the groceries and put away the items Lem left on the counter after he unloaded the dishwasher. (in his defense, I am picky about some things and it is better if I take care of those things myself.) I even got our lunches made and ready for this morning. Cleared the chazzerai from the counters (just where does all that stuff come from and why can't two adults pick up after themselves?).... Now all that is left is to sweep and mop the floor.

This morning instead of sewing and taking a picture for my blog, I spiffed the rest of the house - even washed my only load of laundry. Now all that is left for Saturday is to vacuum and dust. No biggy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Signature

After I came home from work yesterday we had a delivery from the florist. One Dozen long stemmed red roses...........

They were for Lem. He was quite pleased as no one had ever sent roses to him before. Only one problem. We don't know who sent them. And the florist isn't telling. We think it might have been one of his clients but the mystery remains.

Some progress is being made on my Tag Along Teddy project. Just a bit of embroidery and I will have the first block done. I am delighted to think that I might actually have this quilt done by January of next year.

The block on the right is the second Thangle Series 5 block for January.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This and That

Here are my beginnings on the Tisket Tasket BOM. This fabric is from my BAG OF FABRIC. I wonder just how many quilts I will make from that bag of scraps.

And I finally got the dog pillow made for our friend Karen. Now to get it in the mail. Since we are postally challenged this could take awhile.

These are my purchases from the Bead Emporium. That is a picture of the bracelet Peg and I will be making on Thursday night (weather permitting). We have to have the base made before we go so I will need to work on that after work. I don't think it will take long.

Here it is............ The Famous BAG OF FABRICS..................

I had to put some of the fabric from THE BAG OF FABRIC in a clothes basket in order to stir it around and find what I wanted to use.

I did finish my first Thangle BOM and knowing that if one is good, two are better I also cut out one from THE BAG.

I could have finished stitching the binding on Donna's Quilt but I could not keep my eyes open long enough. Perhaps tonight I can get that marked off my list.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiltathon/Stashbusting Report

This is the reason I did not get much done this weekend.......... I had forgotten how much effort it takes for little ones.

He was up early to go out Saturday and Sunday. Then came inside and whined so I brought him upstairs to the studio so Lem could sleep a bit longer. He wanted me to sit and hold him and play with him......

Now I ask you, how can you say 'no' to that face?

I did finish step two on my Double Delight quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Now on to step three.

And I got Donna's Quilt layered before Peg and I went shopping Saturday.

After coming home I was able to begin quilting it. I really like the back of this quilt. Especially since the fabric was marked down to $2.99 a yard.

My quilting skills aren't that great yet but there is hope.

Peg had my Buck a Block that Ronnie is getting for us in New York. It is lying right there on top of the next quilt I need to quilt. I hope to get that block done today. I am also going to make a quilt from "The Bag" at the same time using the same pattern.

This morning I cut the background blocks for my "A Tisket, A Tasket" BOM from Anne at Bunny Hill. No, I do not need to start something new but... but... but....

And this last picture is the list on index cards that have overflowed to the edge of my design board. Okaye......... I still have lots to do.

Who knows, I might finish something this week.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Car Inspection

I got a 2009 inspection sticker for my car. That might not sound like much to you but it was a real treat for me. Let me explain.

My car is OLD. Not vintage, just old. All it has to do is take me to work each day and then take me home again. I live 1.7 miles from the office. No, I cannot walk. That takes too much time. Yes, I am overweight and I should be walking but I am not.

Last year just before inspection time, the Check Engine light came on. I took it to our mechanic.

What can I say, you know you are in trouble when the person looking at your car says......" Hey, Joe come look at this, I have never seen anything like this before." No, not good at all. It seems that there is a flaw in the engine design and some little valve thingy isn't working as it should......... Perhaps the car should not have lived this long and I would never have known but it is a $600.00 repair. Did I mention that the car was old? Well, last year for some reason the light went off, I rushed to the station to get the inspection done and as soon as I got the new sticker the light came on again. I have been driving around for a year with that light shining.

Now it is inspection time again. Lem took it to the mechanics to see if it was worth fixing. They got the light to go off and said it might need new tires but to see what I could do. That was yesterday afternoon. I didn't get to the service station before they closed so I left early this morning to get the sticker and then hopefully we could enjoy the weekend. The light came one before I got to Main St. I headed back to the mechanic and he turned it off for me again. And here is what I learned. If you car is pre 1996, you just need to disconnect one battery cable for 20 seconds and the computer will reset. It has no memory. After 1996, the computers were smarter and you had to complete a drive cycle before the light went out. Anyhow, I found out that a 10mm wrench was all I needed to reset the light and off I went. Yes........ It did come back on about 2 blocks from the station.

The next stop was the hardware store 2 doors from the service station. The wonderful manager there provided the needed wrench and took off the battery cable for me. I made it to the station and I GOT MY STICKER........... Now I am good .............. At least until March when I will need to register the car. Then we are back to the law of Diminishing Returns. Perhaps by then it will be in Gods plans for me to be in NC at that time. I don't know. I just know that I am here until He sends the right person to buy our house. Still praying daily for the grace to march in place until He guides my steps somewhere else.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Quiltathon this weekend. I do have a shopping trip planned on Saturday but I will be participating as much as possible.

Hmmm..... Lets see........If I get the laundry started tomorrow after work I will have a heads up on the that task.

I have Donna's quilt all ready to layer and I have decided that there is room in the living room if I move all of the furniture to accomplish that goal, so I will put finishing that quilt on the agenda for the Quiltathon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Upsetting Day.

Lem took our new puppy to the Vet for his last round of shots. After he got home he messaged me that Wade was acting funny and then he messaged that he was having convulsions and was taking him back to the Dr.'s.....

They gave him a sedative and benedryl immediately. He had a reaction to one of the shots. He spent the rest of the day sleeping off the effects of his misadventure. By the next morning he had returned to his same old sweet self.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stash Report Sort of....

In keeping with my promise to work on projects already on hand for my 2009 Stash Reduction and to fulfill my Tag Along Teddy promise I got out my Leanne's House BOM. I still do not have two of them but I do have enough to start.

This is Block One.

I got out the instructions and began to read. Then I began to cut and prep for the hand work.

The Nine large blocks are composed of mini blocks with applique and embroidery. Block one has 5 mini blocks. They are all sewn and ready for the hand work.

Here is mini block one.

Mini block 2.

Top half of block one.

Bottom of Block One.........

This is the progress on my Bonnie Hunter New Years Day mystery. These blocks are all ready to be trimmed.
All in all I am pleased with what I have been able to accomplish so far this year.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


This is the progress so far on Kim's Afghan. I am really surprised at how fast it is getting done. I do work on it every night. Perhaps that is the reason that we are 2/3 the way done.

And at long last I can say I have finished Jean's purse. As to the two rejects. I am going to take out the lining, zipper and velcro and toss the bag. I will make two more out of the second fabric that I bought.

Here it is in one cover.

And here is the second cover.

I also got the fabric cut for step one of Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight.

I have been giving lots of thought to what I will do for my Tag Along Teddys. At long last I have made the decision.

I am going to attempt to complete one block each month of Leanne's House. There are nine blocks and I can use the other three months to layer and quilt it. I got out the instructions today and perhaps tomorrow I can begin putting it together.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10