Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Progress

I have been doing very little stitching lately. Too caught up in the house clearance. I have spent a few minutes each morning working on my Needlework Casket. This is a picture of progress so far. That represents about 20 hours of work even though it looks like nothing at all. Since this is going to be an heirloom piece I am stroking each stitch to make sure the threads are lying side by side. This takes so much longer but it does give a much nicer finished piece. I also put one in
another frame to be ready when I need a break from this one.

I also managed to finish three pairs of mittens for Joan. So easy to do with leftover yarns and perhaps some little hands will be warmer this year. Until they loose them of course.

This is what has taken so much time. I have opened each box to determine what is in it and sorted all the contents.

The black cabinets are where I am organizing my beading supplies. They are also in the blue containers by the wall. There is much more downstairs to be sorted into the beading section. It just took me a long time to decide how I wanted them organized. I tend to think in "projects" and I will put all I need for a project in a zip lock bag sometimes even with the instructions.

The big bottle holds my half dollars and dollars. Still not sure if I will spend them or move them. They are heavy but those nice gold dollars are hard to come by now.

Onto the other side of the room. Lem shredded 28 bags total of old tax returns and they are gont now. Those boxes in the back corner now have to be sorted and organized.

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10