Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here is the Elm Creek Quilt. The top is all ready for class. The colors do not look too good in this picture but it is really lovely in person.

I am hoping to get it layered and quilted so that I can give it to my mother for Christmas.

This morning I spent another hour with Judy and the Hour A Day Quilt. If you are interested in making a quilt the instructions can be found at the link above. Her designs are easy to assemble and her instructions are impecable.... She has a way of adding sashings and borders that make the quilt appear to be so much harder than it is.

Also with as little as an hour a day you can complete another warm hug for you or someone you care for.
I was never able to get a good picture of the Wisteria Sampler. I will keep working on that. At class last night I managed to get a part of the three hearts (you can see the one on the right) completed. Barry gave me some fabric so that I could make a few more and practise cutting and needle weaving. I do hope I get to spend some time practising this skill before next Wednesday.

Last but not least is the ubiquitous sock I am slowly moving up the foot portion. I am anxious to make my green socks so this should move along faster than before.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Gift For Me?

Isn' t that just luscious yarn? It is Merino and Alpaca...... Definitely warm toes kind of socks. And it goes with my new corduroy pants........... Some wonderful person sent that to me and don't I feel special......... She has already done so many kind things for me and I was not expecting this at all............. The black socks will be completed forth with so that I can start knitting these socks..............

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I slept late this morning. That meant I did not get the sewing done that I had anticipated. I did however manage to get my centers completed for my HAD quilt. I also cut the first border for the Elm Creek Quilt. I must get the borders on and that project complete before Saturday.

I undid the stitching just a tad on the cross seams so that I could pinwheel the center to eliminate much of the bulk there. I did not cut them with the seam ripper but gently undid the seam. I think they will hold well.

This is not a good closeup picture but then I am still learning about my camera.

Last night I managed to get the heel turned on the black sock and nowI am halfway through with the gusset. It will be downhill from then on. I really need to get this sock finished.

After work yesterday I made it to Curves. I had to go easy on two machines because of a stiff neck problem. It is still bothering me today but Lem got some of those heat pads and I am wearing one.........

After Curves, I went home and Lem and I went out for errands. You know the usual, Pharmacy and grocery store. Going into the grocery store I spotted Norfolk Island Pines about 4 feet tall complete with some red bows and red ornaments on sale for $19.00. Yes, one came home with me. It will be our Christmas tree this year.

After we got home, I fixed dinner for us and while that was cooking I set up the coffee pots for tomorrow and laid out what I would wear to work. It is always good to have that done but I am not always good at doing it.

I tried working on the Wisteria Sampler but I just could not get going. It is still set up on the table and if all goes well, I can get some stitching done after work. This is one afternoon I have nothing scheduled for after work. I would really like to get the row of leaves finished on this and the beads sewn on for the grapes and then I could start the Klostern blocks and the Hardanger Embroidery.............

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Two Cents

Last week I joined with others in attempting to use up some of the fabric I already have.

Judy Laquidara is the leader of this group and I am interested in seeing just how long we can work toward our goals.

She mentioned in her post this morning that it is good to make a list of what you plan to accomplish each week.

  1. Finish the top for the Elm Creek Class"I Remember Mama"

  2. Finish "Purple Passion" my HAD quilt top.

  3. Cut out Katelyn's Garden

  4. That might just be enough for one week.


The only stash reduction for me this past week was work on my HAD quilt. I am considering updating my list of HSY's but I will approach this with dread.......... The list is just too long.

This week I hope to put the borders on the Elm Creek Quilt as I will need it for class. I am using the leftover fabric from that quilt to make one called "Katelyn's Garden" from Red

I am hoping to get it cut out this week as I will need something to work on in class on Saturday.

Here are my HST's for the HAD. I have half of them trimmed and partially sewn. The other half still need to be trimmed.

I did complete one block just to see how it looked. I am really pleased with the outcome.

Here are the two blocks side by side..........

Even the ubiquitous sock is showing progress. I have finished the Heel Flap and perhaps tonight I can move on to turning the heel.................

While I was working downstairs I came across a pattern that spoke to me. After looking around my sewing room I found a piece of red fabric that I bought several years ago that I have been saving for just the right project. More on that next week.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hour A Day

Here are 17 blocks for the Hour a Day quilt...........

I also have the 72 needed geese for the next step.

And here are the HST all cut out for part two of that block.

I also got an email from Celine in England. I was supposed to mail her blocks to her several months ago and thought I had done so. Well, they are still in the studio waiting to be mailed.

My apologies to Celine for my lapse............... They will go out tomorrow and she will have them before Christmas.

Look What I Found

While clearing out the guest room I found the labels for the quilts I made........IN 2003?...

It seems that I started quilting a year earlier than I originally thought........ Silly me.

And all 60 covers are assembled. Now to put them on the ornaments and decorate the tree.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

How Did This Happen?

This is the question asked by Judy of Sunshine Quilt Fame.

For me it is a different story. I get the fabric to make a specific quilt......... Occasionally I will pick up a few yards of a fabric just because I like it but mostly it is for a project. I just don't seem to have much of an understanding of how long it actually takes to make a quilt.

Being near the end of a project is also a dangerous time because I start thinking "This didn't take long so I can do it again for three special people I know."....... Then I buy the fabric for three more but before I start them I have one more thing that has a deadline and they get put aside.

I spent some time today doing a little housekeeping in the studio. That always brings home just how many projects there really are.

The Unexpected.

I hope Thanksgiving Day was all you expected. Ours was rather quiet....... I am getting used to just the two of us.

I did manage to finish packing the dishes I had put in the garage. I wanted to get it done on Thursday because it was a warm day and probably the last warm day we would have. I got the workbench cleared and ready for the next group of items that will be going to NC and I am fast filling up the area that contains the things I am giving to Habitat for Humanity for their Annual Yard Sale.

Friday was the day I planned to swap the summer clothes for the winter clothes. NOT a favorite task but I really need to get it done because the weather is cold and our closet will not hold summer and winter.........

I started downstairs to work on my HAD quilt and after my time was ended and I came upstairs, Lem mentioned that WalMart in Wareham had the Garmin on sale that he had asked to get for Christmas. We stay lost a lot when we travel and usually call Rebekah for assistance. After seeing her Garmin work while we were in Danville he decided that he wanted one and I said that I would get it for him for Christmas if he selected it. Anyway, I called the store in Wareham and they had 20 left. Off we went to get one. They were sold out by the time we got there. The store in Falmouth had some left and we headed in that direction.

On the way I got a good picture of the Railroad Bridge that comes onto the Cape.

After several phone calls to Georgia in search of directions we finally made it to WalMart and we did manage to get the Garmin. I also found a little 2 quart crockpot for $4.00. Of course it came home with me also.

Lem could not wait till we got home to open his new toy............ We opened it immediately and somehow or other we (I) managed to tell it the wrong language. It spoke Polish and it took several hours after we got home to figure out how to change it.................

I did manage to finish up 6 more ornaments. Only 6 to go...........

Now I am off to look into the closet situation.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just to Let You Know

............. I am having real ISSUES here.......

Last night I managed to complete 4 ladder sets before heading off to bed. Where I laid there for several hours before "Mr. Sandman" came along. Yup, right, overslept..........I did not get downstairs till late so my hour was cut short. I did manage to get the geese sew onto each side of the square and the smaller blocks cut for the other geese that go on either side of that block. Perhaps I can finish them before dinner tonight.

Then upstairs to put away things from the guest room. I even found the labels for the first two quilts I listed so I might even get them sewn on.

Well, the reason I could not get to sleep was because I could not think of any material I had to make a quilt like the pink one Judy is making. I want to go to Thousands of Bolts for a look but I will resist......... The question is - Will I be able to sleep tonight?

In addition to working on a complete listing of all quilty things to complete, I plan to be working on getting my sewing space spiffy............

I will be getting off work soon and then I get to go home and trade cars so that I can do the errand dance. My car is having a nervous breakdown and we need for him to hang in there just a bit longer so when I have places to go, I trade cars with spouse.

First stop will be the bank, then off to the Christmas Tree shop because Sheila told me at Curves yesterday that they have leather gloves for $2.99. Also I need some small muffin tins to make dressing balls. (Recipe to be posted later.) One last stop at the grocery store and then to Fullers to get some empty boxes. The weather is supposed to be warm tomorrow and if it is I can pack up some boxes in the garage.

I sure am glad Lem is cooking tonight. He cooks one night each week. I need to see if I can get him up to two nights..............

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quilt List

I found this old quilt list on my computer......... I began this list in 2004 when I began quilting.

"Houndstooth" Really all done but putting the label on.

"Lilly of the Valley" Also needs a label Both labels are made but are hiding in the guest room somewhere.

"Stars & Strips" This one is being hand quilted right now and is posted on the sidebar under "Focus Projects".

"Jean Folkes Quilt"

"Grandmother’s Flower Garden"

"Pink Roman Stripes" Top is done...

"Bird of Paradise Quilt" Top is do and pinned and ready to quilt.

"Four Patch" In plastic tote.

Quick Classic Quilts

"Jingle Socks" Begun but not completed

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts

"My Top Red & Gray " In plastic tote.

"Quillow" for Jean

"Burgundy Roman Stripes" In plastic tote.

"Dancing Raven" Test In plastic tote.

Quick and Easy Quiltmaking

"Dancing Raven" In plastic tote.

Quick and Easy Quiltmaking

"Sawtooth Star & Four Patch" In plastic tote.

Quick Classic Quilts

"Peppermint Swirl" In plastic tote.

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts

"Triangles" In plastic tote.

Fat Quarter Quilts

"Virginia Reel" In plastic tote.

Sewing on the Line

"Baby Rosebud" In plastic tote.

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts

"Paddlewheels and Pinwheels" In plastic tote.

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts

"When I am Old" In plastic tote.

The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts

"Island Star" In plastic tote.


I am new to quilting........... I don't have the stash that some of my friends have acquired. I still have too much. I see a pattern or quilt I want to make and I get the fabric "Right Then" to make it. I then take it home and put it in a plastic tote......... After some time I begin to feel crowded among the stacks of totes with future quilts..............

I have stopped swaps............... I have signed on for my last BOM until I have completed the ones I have accumulated............... I no longer do mystery quilts............. I never like the ending on those.

I will continue to do the Hour A Day quilts. They are so easy to do and I get a great quilt when I am done.................

I will however be joining Judy in her Stash Reduction program. Anyone else want to follow along?

Just a Few More Done

I am so pleased to report that I now have 48 completed.............. Tonight I will begin making the ladder part of the next dozen....... Then I will have to decorate the tree. I might see if I can go to Pegs for that task and enlist her aid. She will be taking the tree to the event for me and that might just be easier.

This morning I got to sew downstairs for an hour. Below you see all 68 required Flying Geese. Tomorrow morning I can begin making the 17 blocks needed for the first phase of this quilt.

Did I mention that I had spent the last three weeks de-cluttering the kitchen. It is so much nicer to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Before I left for work this morning I even managed to get the coffee pots (spouse has one and I have one) ready to turn on in the morning. I have the humidifier filled with water and ready to plug in.

The next area to tackle will be the guest room. This could be called the Dumping Ground for whatever item you are unsure of where to place. Right now you cannot even walk around the bed. I did get the clean sheets placed on that bed Sunday night. Lem wanted to watch the ballgame and I did not. The extra TV is in that room and I spent an hour finding the bed before I could even make it. By the time I cleared everything off the bed and got the clean linens on it, ( I had to climb across the bed to get from one side to another) I was too tired to knit. I just watched Cold Case and went to bed. Didn't even work on my black sock.

That is the room I am clearing out next. NO, I WILL NOT BE POST A BEFORE PICTURE. I have some family members that read this blog and I do not want to destroy my street cred.

Suffice it to say that the bed is clear and is now being used as a sorting table. I did manage to fold the two baskets of laundry that were in there and put away the excess from dumping my purse in a hurried attempt to clean it out. I also walked around the house (it is a very small house) for 2 hours putting things away............ How long will it take to clear this room? I haven't the foggiest notion.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Something to Report

All in all it was a good weekend......... I did manage to get a number of things accomplished. Not everything that was on the list for sure but enough to keep me smiling.

I had hoped to have all 12 of these ornament covers finished but alas I only managed to complete 9 of them. If I get the last three done tonight, then tomorrow I can start making the ladders for the next 12. I think all I will need is 60 of them but I will not get a final count until later.

I am promising myself not to attempt this again.............

This is the fabric I selected for the HAD quilt Judy shared with us. As in the previous quilt, I found fabric for two quilts to make with this pattern. I am going to do them one at at time and get the full measure of satisfaction from each project.

This is the first block I completed. I find that I like to make one to look at as I make the others.

I was actually able to figure out what size the Geese were and I am using my "No Waste" flying geese. Our friend at Life's a Quilt did a tutorial for us and I like this method of making Geese the best.

You can see that I have begun the Geese for the rest of the blocks.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here are a few pictures of the Elm Creek Quilt I am making in class......... This has been a wonderful learning experience.

1 - Red Rooster publishes the worst instructions of any I have ever seen. Great designs but terribly written.

2 - When joining a HST bias edge to another piece, do not start at the straight edge. Start at the other end.......... I found this made a big difference when I was making the baskets. Sad that I did not figure this out till the last four blocks.

Now to add the borders and call this top complete. It can marinate in the box with the other unfinished tops.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Happy Day

This morning we received a call from our local pet shop. THEY FOUND THE RING...........

I left for work early this morning to get it. As soon as I get off work I will take it to the jewelers...

I was so thankful for the answered prayers. My dear husband is so wonderful and I am so happy that he has the ring back.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not Much to Report

No picture this morning.......... Just not enough time.

My dear husband has had a cold for the past week. Yesterday he was feeling a bit better and ventured out to pick up some food for Honey............ As he was leaving he saw his father's Masonic ring. His mother had given it to him several years ago when his father passed away. We had it sized and he has worn it since. That is until about 2 months ago. While working outside he felt the back of the ring cutting into his finger. When he looked a piece about 1/4 inch was missing from the back of the ring. We placed it on a shelf in the kitchen with the intent of taking it to our jeweler for repairs. Yesterday he dropped it into his pocket thinking he would accomplish that errand also. Somewhere along the way he lost it from his pocket. We have retraced his steps, searched the parking lot at the pet store and left our name and number just in case someone finds it and brings it inside. I feel so bad for him...........

I went by the pet store this morning on my way to work just to look myself...... I did not find it. Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit better.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Bite of the Elephant

Here is the result of every spare minute this past weekend. You are looking at 12 sets of ladders for more ornaments. The goal is to complete these as ornaments this week. If I can get that accomplished it is within reason that I could repeat the same process the following week. Then I could put this little adventure behind me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank you Kathie

Thanks to Kathie I have found the site I was looking for.................

She gave me more search words to use and I can get a good nights sleep now.

The site I wanted is:

Can Someone Help Me Remember?

As I was cruising through blogland one day, I came across a post describing a challenge the blogger had entered.

She and several of her friends started with a number of fat quarters and were required to use them up entirely. I remember that you could add a couple of other fabrics for the first challenge to make a quilt. Then I believe they made a tablerunner and so on until all that was left was a small handful of bits.....................

Can I find this blog again? NO.............

If you know the URL, please share it with me.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


As promised, here is the larger picture of Sewfina.

I did get to work on the ornaments last night. I am now up to 3 dozen with only 2 dozen left to make. That will give me the 60 that I am looking for. If I have to add a few it will be no problem.

Today is my Elm Creek Quilt class.......... I am packed and ready to go.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Meet Sewfina

I will post larger pictures when I get home. This will have to do for now. I forgot to change the resize choice when I posted them and I am at work now and cannot change them.

Our dear Joan from the Persian Pickle made "Sewfina" for the Quilt Show. Joan is exceptionally gifted.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Last night was class at Barry's......... I got exactly four leaves done on row 20 of my sampler. I took a picture but somehow or other it got lost. I did downsize one for the sidebar. You can see my sad little leaves there. There are 15 leaves on that row and then I will need to add the beads that form the grapes. That sure doesn't look like much but it did take 2 hours. I will confess that I was tired and I took out as much as I put in. There are days like that.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fussy Cutting

No, I did NOT make this quilt..........But isn't it luscious......... This gives new meaning to the words "Fussy Cutting"..... This is just one of the many quilts on display at our Guild's show this past weekend. I will add more later.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What's On Your Bed?

On Friday SuBee at Pieces of Time asked that question.

At last I got around to taking the picture. I could not however get Honey to move off the bed. After all, she thinks that it is Her Bed. She also closed her eyes just as I clicked the shutter.

The quilt is "Fields and Fences", a pattern I found online at the McCalls site. I left work and went straight to the fabric store. I purchased some of their luscious homespun fabrics and went home and began immediately. I love that quilt....... It is just my kind of quilt.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Focus Projects for November

I have made a few adjustments to the Focus List. The Guild show is over and those projects were completed and I am pleased to be able to move on to the next deadline. That will be the Ornaments. My goal is to have 60 done by Thanksgiving. I have 30 completed.

I have just a wee bit of work to do on a pincushion that I need to get mailed. I will get that going tonight just to get it off the list.

The Wisteria is a Wednesday night class project. I hope to finish the next band this week so that I can begin the Klostern Blocks for the hardanger embroidery on the last row.

The pink socks are all done but running the threads...... Looks like I could get that done.

One black sock is complete and I have 3 inches on the second one. These socks are slow going because the yarn is difficult to work with. There is a television program that Lem and I watch each evening together. That is my knitting time right now..... I really cannot bead and watch tv at the same time...........

I am working downstairs each morning for about an hour........ I have three of 12 baskets done for the class quilt. More of a report on that one later.

A Bit of Weather

We had a rough Saturday. As you can see, a couple of homes are no longer. These were summer cottages that had been built on a spit of land formed by storms long, long ago. Actually where they were sitting was the entrance into the Chatham harbor in 1837. Sometimes people forget that God is in charge and building on the beach is not a good thing.

We were without power for quite some time. Saturday night we sat listening to a battery powered radio as I knitted to the light of an oil lamp. I must make sure to wash the globe on that lamp more often.

My poor Weather Pixie is not working because of the storm..... Perhaps she will be fixed soon.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Class Project

You might remember this stack of fabric from several weeks ago. I got it for a class I was taking.
This is the project we are making. I knew exactly what I as going to do. As usual the plan changed. I have gathered enough fabric to make perhaps two quilts. I would like to do one in the pink fabrics for Mama. I noticed that many of the ladies at Roman Eagle (her new home) have quilts and afghans on their beds.

Here are the blocks I began at class that Saturday and I finally have them all finished. This was the easy part. The basket blocks are next.

This morning I was able to cut the basket block fabrics............... I can tell you that I am out of my comfort zone on this one but my class mates assured me that this was the way to go. I still think I am going to do one following the original plan. Yup, just plain ole vanilla me.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Four Seasons of Quilting

At last the quilt for the show is complete............ It was great fun but I will think twice before I do this again.

This is Spring - the season when a quilt is drafted. This portion was made by Joan.

Peg designed and made Summer for us. That season is the fun part of purchasing fabric. She even found tiny little scissors for the cutting table in the quilt shop.

Vickie made the Autumn season. The time when all is ready to quilt. There is even silver thread for a needle and the quilter has a wedding ring.

You probably remember my little room. It is finished at last... Complete with clock, phone and a glass vase for the flowers.............

Here are all the seasons together on their background quilt. I will be making ornaments every evening from now on..................

The Thread and I

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, Do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10