Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why do I always have such a messy studio........... It is so hard to work and stay focused in all of this confusion.

I will be re-arranging and organizing this weekend.............. It really is bad............

This is where the cutting table would be if it weren't in the other room being used for a basting table. I need to get it moved back in place and its little PVC pipes under its little legs again so that I can cut fabric. This card table just doesn't work.

And the three drawer cabinets are two deep because the ones on the front belong under the cutting table.

The sewing table is covered with items from the cutting table also.

A phone call this morning from the realtor tells us that we have two more opportunities for a buyer. One coming at 12:00 and one at 1:30.................... That meant getting up early and getting things put away and everything spiffed and polished.

Last night Lem helped me move the cutting table back into the studio. This morning I set up my Janome on the table in the other room upstairs. The little stack under the window is FOUR quilts with backing fabric that need to be layered, basted and quilted. The pile of fabric under the table is really a basket with fabric for string quilts.......... I want to use up some thread and this is the perfect way to do it. The basket on the right contains the green quilt I just basted and another quilt that has been waiting in the wings for several years. I really must get some of these tops finished. The stacks of tops, tops with backing fabric and basted ready to quilt tops will be growing soon.

Someone was asking about a layout for Dear Jane Christmas Swap blocks so I got out my Dear Jane Christmas swap quilt to show...........


  1. Jean M. :)11:40 AM

    Hi Susan.... I love the quilt "Dear Jane Christmas Swap" it is so festive... Good luck with the byers...Maybe this is it... My fingers are crossed for you... :)

  2. Hi Susan That was me asking about Dear Jane swap blocks. I have a quilt made from my swap blocks. The ones I am working on now are the Christmas signature blocks. Your quilt is gorgeous. And, it makes me tired just to think of getting all of your quilting things ready to show your house. I hope you have a restful weekend.

  3. Good luck on the house showing...I love your Christmas quilt! I see the sewing stoll you have is just like mine! I got it years ago at a yard is quite old!

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dear Jane quilt. Clutter, messes... etc... Either have to embrace them or change them. Either way, hard to do. hehe.. best of luck. Hugs. Tammy


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