Saturday, October 09, 2010

The problem with showing the house it that we put everything away.......... Sometimes thing get lost.........

Lem brought in the mail several weeks ago and there was a package for me. He put it upstairs in the studio. Then we got a call to show the house. I came home from work and we got the house ready. Removed the towels we use and put out the Show Towels. Put the Show Bedspread on the bed. Hid the pillow he uses on the couch removed all signs of owning a dog. Vacuumed and dusted. Put scented oil on the ceramic light bulb topper so the bedroom will smell like lilacs.....

This was before I cleaned up the studio. I went upstairs to hide the ironing board and to generally remove some of the most offending stacks. And accidentally covered the box that he had put upstairs for me.

You might remember that a few months ago I mentioned that we were expecting our first great grandchild. My dear friend Jean Mello that moved to Mequon several years ago had sent us a package. Jean is always doing for others and giving her time to others. When she lived on the Cape she was an officer in our Quilt Guild. She and several of her friends spent weeks before our Linus day making kits and organizing the location and getting everything ready. She always has a funny story to share and is never without a smile. Any room gets brighter when Jean walks in.

She had taken the time to buy not one but two little baby toys......

And she also took the time to crochet a lovely baby blanket. It is so soft and cuddly. Now I can mail it to the family in NC.............

Thank you Jean........... You are a dear friend............ Please forgive me for not saying thank you sooner.


  1. Hi Susan.. Ypu are so welcome and I enjoy doing a little something for your new Great Grandchild... Not every day you become a "Great" Grandmother... I am just glad you liked it... :)

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    What a beautiful gift to recieve! Lovely indeed. Best of luck with the sale of your home! Tammy

  3. That's a beautiful crocheted baby blanket. I had quite a chuckle when you said you got out the Show Towels and Show Bedspread. Hope you find a buyer soon.


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