Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sunday morning I got all ready to baste the quilt. I have my Overdrive player on my computer and a book from the library downloaded.

But first Lem wanted breakfast. He fried the bacon and I made French Toast...... I sliced the bread thick and it was just the best. Then I headed back upstairs to finish basting.

This morning I met the girls for breakfast. It is still raining here. Just raining harder today.

Peg gave me these small bits of yarn for me to use in my Mitered Square Afghan. Go HERE to find the pattern that LuAnn of Loose Threads shared.

Yes, that is the basting table. The quilt is finally basted and ready to be quilted. I learned that if I stay within the distance of my forearm I am fine but if I try to reach it causes the back problems. Now we know......................

I have finally finished the projects for the past weekend and I have started the project list for the upcoming weekend. And this is a holiday weekend so I am looking forward to one extra day.

Beans and Franks were delicious. Lem helped cook. There were several good suggestions to add to the meal.

Tonight is another pork meal................... Kielbasa cooked with apple, steamed broccoli and carrots and pinto beans.......... Maybe I will even bake some cheese biscuits to put this meal over the top. Really cheap eats.............. And these days that is a must. Will there be a picture later....perhaps.


  1. The quilt is looking great, will you be hand quilting it? And your table set up is perfect.

  2. Jean M. :)11:45 AM

    Hi Susan... I just love this way of basting... It works very well... Are you going to hand quilt the green quilt or try machine quilting??? Boy, Lem is lucky ... What a great breakfast and dinner sounds great... I want to move in with you... You make such wonderful meals... :)


Thank you for your comment.......

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