Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remembering that one of the things I wanted to get done this weekend was to trim Wade Hamilton. He was getting really shaggy and needed a trim. I try (and the operative word here is try) to trim him once and then let Paula at the Hair Club for Dogs trim him next. He hasn't seen Paula since May and this is the second time I have trimmed him since then. She charges us extra because this 8 pound ball of fur does not like to have his little self touched........Anywhere.

He likes goldfish crackers so I decided that Lem could divert his attention with them while I trimmed. He is a wiggly little darling so sometimes the clippers got more hair in places than they should have. Now he won't touch another goldfish. Last night I had a few and as always he came up begging. I would give him one and he would go put it down. He kept coming back till I realized that he was not eating them, just putting them on the floor.

Well, I think he knows how he looks and is not too happy with me right now. Someone even asked Lem yesterday just what kind of dog he was..........Lem told them that he was a German Shepherd................


  1. I think he's adorable, and I know he is a good friend...and probably good quilting helper, too.

  2. Mr Hamilton a German Shepherd?! Thanks for the chuckle this morning :)


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