Sunday, August 29, 2010

I sure got these blocks put together quickly. Amazing............ Almost done I thought.

But I sure thought wrong. I takes time to assemble the rows and if you are as gifted as I am you can put the last two rows on upside down...

So that they have to be removed and re-assembled.

I was in such a hurry to put the next UFO up to be completed that I totally forgot the borders on the baby quilt. Oh well, that can be done this week. Then to get it quilted and mailed.

This quilt is The Road Less Traveled designed by Lori Smith of From My Heart to Your Hands. It was a BOM from Homestead Hearth that I began in 2008. I finally realized why so many things are from the year 2008. That was when I dismantled my studio in the basement and moved it upstairs. We were getting the house ready to put on the market and many things got misplaced. Now I am beginning to find them and hopefully get some completed.

I had finished five rows of the seven needed. Only three blocks remained to be completed for row six. Having remembered how much I liked Lori Smith's designs and how much fun they are to complete I signed up for another one at Homestead Hearth.

Several weeks ago Peg gave me some books she no longer needed. This was one of them..

There is a pattern for this placemat in the book that looked interesting. Of course I had to pause in my quest of finishing projects to start new one.

I have one placemat sewn together and now to add the applique windows, door and moon. I started putting the windows on but I am not happy with them. I will take off what I have done and do a better job of getting them all the same size.

I want to make several so yesterday I cut out the house and roof for a few more.

If all goes well today I could even finish the embroidery for my first Raggedy Ann block.


  1. I am also so gifted. LOL. I did not realize I had a block upside down until I took the photo to post on my blog.

  2. That Road Less Travelled quilt is stunning. It sure is going to be worth finishing. I wish it were mine LOL

  3. Love your stars - and I have done the same with upside-down and inside-out and...
    And I like the placemats!

  4. Jean M.10:48 AM

    Hi Susan... WOW, again.... You sure have been busy... I love the stars quilt... It is so stunning and I love the colors... The pattern that you are doing from Peg's book is going to be beautiful.. I love the pattern...The third quilt looks like it is almost done... What a mixture of colors... Great job on a beautiful quilt... You are doing so much that it would make my head spin... :)

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  6. Love the star quilt, what is the pattern name. It looks like it went together really easy... or maybe it's because you are so good at these things!


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