Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am trying to spend the first 15 minutes of my sewing time each day in putting things away and getting some order in my studio.

Last winter someone gave me a small piece of the new bamboo batting. I wanted to find out how well it worked for hand quilting.

I pieced a small heart and did the hand quilting. The little piece has been moved from one place to another in the studio while I tried to find something to make with it. After all, nothing should go to waste.

One of my decorative pillows had finally reached the point of no return. I took the cover off and washed the pillow form inside. I had intended to make a cover for it but it too was just moved from one place to another in the studio.

This week I decided to make a pillow cover with my little quilted piece. I picked up a piece of fabric left over from the peach quilt to use.

I trimmed the center.................

Added a couple of borders and made some piping...............

Using my Dritz Guide I trimmed the corners. This is the second time I have used this new addition to my tool box. I am delighted that I purchased it. Kaaren at The Painted Quilt has gotten me started making little pillows and this helps get the corners right.

Two years ago while in Virginia I found this for trimming piping. It works a treat.

Voila................... Pillow done. No it was not on my list but it took only one morning and now I have at least one finish............................


  1. WOW... Susan, I just lov what you did for that lonley block... You are so cleaver... I love the end results... I will have to look for those tools because I have a few pillows I need to make.... :)

  2. Cute little pillow. And both those tools look like they would be really handy. The pillow shape turned out perfect. I love piping around a pillow but I have always had trouble with the corners. Now I just need to find myself one of those things.
    Have a great day!!


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