Thursday, August 12, 2010

At last I have a bit of progress to show from my night time stitching. Here are the blocks for August, September and October on the Jan Patek quilt. Only November and December left and then it will be time for assembly.

Yesterday I stopped at the local lumber store for Styrofoam insulation. The price has gone up a bit since I bought my last piece but it was still affordable. I ordered the extra wide flannel on line and it should arrive any day now. If all goes well, I can get my larger design wall installed upstairs. I have been putting it off thinking we would be moving but since it seems that we will be here through another winter I decided to go ahead and put up a larger design wall. I might even invest in another folding table. I am still thinking about that expense. We shall see.


  1. Your blocks are wonderful! Primitive and just so fun. I hope you enjoy your larger design wall, that sounds just so fun!

  2. Hi Susan... What beautiful blocks ... You always do stupendous work.... WOW.. Lucky you in getting a new design wall... I just can't keep up with you with all the diffrent projects you have going on... but, I have three diffrent quilts that needs finishing for Christmas... It sure will keep us young.. :)


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