Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a Little Progress

This is my nine patch leader ender........... I have what should be one half of it done and then I started from the other direction. From the looks of the blocks I have left to attach I might have miscounted and it could have a few more than originally planned.

Here is a close up...........

I have completed the first half of Double Delight Part 3...............

All these lovely pieces to put together in nine patches......... I should have a great time this afternoon after work.


  1. What a lot of nine patches, Suze! It's a beautiful effect though, I love it. That'll be a real treasure when you finish. Are you keeping it?

  2. LOVE your leader- ender quilt I have thought about this but not started's adorable. Still haven't begun step 3 of DD, busy with other time sensitive projects. thanks for visiting my blog, it feels SO good to get all those QOV's off.

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Joli,très joli


  4. Those nine patches look tiny! How big are they? I love the look with the white background.

  5. Wow! That is looking great!

  6. Wow - your leader/ender 9-patches are amazing! What size are the blocks? You're making good use of your time at the machine!

  7. This is pretty! ANd that is a LOT of 9 patches - it looks good. How big do the 9 patches finish up?


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