Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

It has been a busy weekend for many people.

May Britt hosted a session for making Warming Quilts in Elverum. She had some great help because Anne Ida and Hanne were there stitching along with her.

Jeri over at Tangled Threads spent Saturday with her group finishing UFO's............

While gadding about online I found Lynda Hill. She had a wonderful idea about the Dresden Plate I see in my future. Of course that was brought on by looking at Ruthie's on Threads of Mine. I also found a great tutorial at Pink Penguin.

The Saturday Sewing Society met on Cape Cod but I could not attend. Someone came to look at our house and that meant I had to do a thorough house blessing. Lem and I did ride over to Brewster to that they could meet Wade Hamilton.

After all that excitement I got some sewing done. I finished Part Four on Double Delight.

The last step of Part Four is to cut out 80 - 3 1/2 inch squares. I got that done also.

That was easy for me because I have an Quilt Cut 2. I first heard of this on the Dear Jane list and most people rave about them. I thought long and hard and last year when I broke my wrist I really longed for one. I have never gotten back to full strength of that wrist and I find I am not as able to hold the ruler steady as I once was. I found a friend that had one but was not using it at all. She was pleased to sell it to me and 1/2 the price and I brought it home. It sat on the end of my cutting table for awhile but now I find I am using it more and more.

I can set the arm for the size strip I want to cut. No longer do I cut a strip the wrong size because I looked at the wrong line on my ruler.

After the strips are cut in on direction I simply move my ruler to the other side and cut again.

How nice to be able to cut all 80 blocks without moving the fabric.


  1. That looks like a really handy tool, Suze. Looks like your making good progress on your quilt!

  2. Very interesting gadget you have there. I thought I had heard of everything. Would love to use one just to see how it works.


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