Thursday, January 15, 2009


What is it about January that makes us clean out our cabinets and drawers?

What is it about January that causes us to bring out those UFO's and tackle them once again?

What is it about January that gives us that "Begin Again" feeling?

I sure do wish that January feeling would last longer.

The Realtor called yesterday. Someone wants to see the house on Saturday afternoon. I called Lem to let him know and he says "Can we be ready in time?"......... He is still conditioned to the day when we had so much stuff that it took a month and an act of congress to get ready for someone to darken our door. When I got home yesterday we went grocery shopping. Oh Joy............... When we got home I put our chicken pot pie in the oven and while that cooked I put away the groceries and put away the items Lem left on the counter after he unloaded the dishwasher. (in his defense, I am picky about some things and it is better if I take care of those things myself.) I even got our lunches made and ready for this morning. Cleared the chazzerai from the counters (just where does all that stuff come from and why can't two adults pick up after themselves?).... Now all that is left is to sweep and mop the floor.

This morning instead of sewing and taking a picture for my blog, I spiffed the rest of the house - even washed my only load of laundry. Now all that is left for Saturday is to vacuum and dust. No biggy.

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  1. How neat that you are so together! I love this feeling too, of just getting my home more organized.


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