Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Report on January

Yes, you have seen this before but this time it is FINISHED............. Complete right down to the label being sewn on. Now when Lem goes to the Dr.'s in February he can take this to Donna.

I also put the finishing touches on Kim's Afghan. Not only that but it is ready to mail today..........

And here is block one of Leanne's House. I am delighted to have the first block done. This morning I began getting pieces ready to embroider for the next block.

Part four of Double Delight is all complete.

This morning I began part five of Double Delight and I also got ready to finish my Nifty Fifty Blocks. Their deadline is fast approaching and they need to be completed this weekend. When they are done I will only have one more thing with a deadline. Everything else will be for me or my family and can be done at my leisure. What a delight. The question is 'Have I learned not to sign up for things or make promises?'.........Probably not.

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  1. WOW! have you been busy or WHAT??? way to go, Suze! (that blue & white sampler quilt is stunning!)


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