Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Gift From Jean

This is the surprise gift I received from Jean Mello in December. I finally got a picture made and online.

I first met Jean in a class at Murray's Fabrics. Jean is always there to assist in any project. She gave her time willingly to make kits for the Linus Project. Anytime someone needed a helping hand Jean was available. Not to mention her upbeat outlook on every event. She makes every occasion a memorable party. Last fall she moved to Wisconsin to be with family. I am pleased to report that she is now blogging. The only blogger that I have ever met personally.

Typically she is now teaching quilting to her family and friends.

Welcome Jean.


  1. I love snowmen! I have a pattern very similar to this one and put it on tea towels for gift this year. He just seems to have a great attitude doesn't he? blessings, marlene

  2. I love snowmen, and this is so fitting for the weather we (at least) are experiencing! Very cute!

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    That is so precious! Cute as can be - what a sweet friend!

  4. What a cute snowman! Where'd you get the background fabric? I've been looking for gingham as have been trying my hand at chicken scratch embroidery. I guess you can't ever have enough quilts in WI in the winter, eh? At least this one which seems to be setting new records or at least challenging old ones!

  5. I just love homespun tea towels. The snowman is really cute.

  6. Jean M.10:30 AM

    Thank you Susan for the kind words...You are a very special friend and I will always follow your blog.. :) The towels came from the Bayberry quilt show, one of the vendors had these towles...It was a lot of fun to make... :) Now I am looking for diffrent towels to make one for every holiday.. :)

  7. You are on my favorites list,I hope you don't mind me butting in.I love your blog!


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