Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Do You Keep Your Buttons?

I keep my buttons in this lamp. Some people put shells and such in these lamps but this is where I keep my buttons. At some point I am supposed to glue buttons to the lamp shade but that will have to be an After We Move project.

Last night I opened the lamp and sorted buttons looking for some for my Tisket Tasket Block. Normally I would stop at my LQS and pick up some buttons but this year we are being frugal and that meant finding the lamp, opening the lamp and then putting the buttons back when I was done. These are the ones I kept out as possibles for this project.

And here is my block. All done.... Before the end of the month................... Very Big Grin.


  1. Very cute TT block. Love your button lamp, too.

  2. Great job, Suze. It turned out really well. I've gotten only as far as putting the link on my sidebar! BTW, I love the lamp!

  3. Wonderful block - I really really like the yellow buttons! They are perfect for your block. I'm going to have to give in and make one of those - that is an adorable snowman. And I LOVE your button lamp! Very cool!!!

  4. What a clever idea to display your buttons in a lamp base! Keeps them dustfree and makes a colourful display! Love your snowman in the basket! Hope the basket's outside, or else....

  5. What a great place to store your buttons. I keep mine in a metal jar in my closet, but I don't have nearly that many buttons!


  6. Your button lamp is adorable - sweet, indeed!

    Look at your first block - so cute!!!

    Somehow I lost track of you and your blog, Suze but I'm back!!! I hope you've missed me. :-)

  7. Your little block is sooooo cute.The yellow is great.

  8. The world coolest lamp !!

    The block looks so good :-)


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