Monday, December 15, 2008

This and That

At last I got all the hexagons cut for the diamonds for my Insanity Quilt. Some time I might even get an icon or chart of some kind on the sidebar but for today I am just pleased to have the fabric ready to stitch.

Got that done just in time to get my gift ready for the Saturday Sewing Society Christmas gathering. We were supposed to find something we had in our own sewing room that we were willing to give away.

These are the items I chose.

And here we are at Marshside Restuarant.

This is the table with our gifts........... The ubiquitious Yankee Swap...

But first we gave our fearless leader (perhaps she should be) a gift certificate. Judy makes arrangements for our venue, reminds us all by email of the day. Keeps us up to date on what is happening with everyone . She shows up before everyone to unlock and stays till everyone leaves. She schleps a coffee pot with her and all sorts of other things like plates and cups and spoons and forks and anything else we might need.

And here are the gifts

This is the gift I ended with. The guilt is still nagging me. My dear Peg got this first and I snagged it from her.

As you can tell from Joanie's smile........We had a grand time..........

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  1. Looks like a fun party! and some great gifts also!


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