Thursday, December 18, 2008

This and That

Here we are in Elkton, Maryland..... This seems to be the 1/2 way point to Danville from Cape Cod.

We left yesterday morning at 9:30 am and arrived here around 5:00. I made sandwiches for us so we did not have to stop except for fuel once and to walk the dog. Traffic moved along (rather fast for me in some places). Did I mention that as I get older my anxiety while traveling increases? Those large trucks bring my comfort level down to naught.

I had fried chicken and bought potato salad so we did not have to try to find somewhere to eat after we got to Elkton. I had even packed an overnight bag so that we did not have to completely unload the car. Sorry to say I packed my camera in the large suitcase so there are no pictures. I suppose some times life comes with no pictures.

Lem bought us both internet cards to use and we each sat in bed watching tv and typing away on our laptops. I am delighted that he got a wireless card for his Gateway. Now we can both be wireless.

I am waiting until 6:00 AM when the coffee is supposed to be ready in the office. Then I can slip into some clothes and get a cup.


  1. Sounds like my kind of trip. I do understand about your concern with the big trucks on the road. I think for the most part, truckers are very good drivers and considerate of those of us in normal vehicles - but there are those out there that think they are king of the road and you better get out of their way. Hope you have a safe trip there and back.

  2. You sound VERY organized. We always take a cooler with lunch and breakfast items when we travel. One other thing we do is bring our own coffee and coffee filters (basket style - which we find are the most common in hotels and Motor Inns) and we make our own coffee in the morning.

    We were amazed by how many big trucks on the road in the U.S. And they travel fast!

    Have a safe trip.


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