Saturday, December 13, 2008


No pictures yet today..... Maybe later on.

No sleep last night either. I finally got tired of the effort of trying to fall asleep and went upstairs to sew.

Lem and I are making the long trip to Virginia next week. We are meeting my brother and sister at Mama's apartment for "THE GREAT DIVIDE"..... Jason and Kim are going to meet us next weekend there and lend a much needed hand.

Jean has already begun clearing out quite a bit. Giving clothes the the local clothes closet, sorting through paperwork, dividing pictures and all that sort of thing.

Today Lem and I are gathering together things we need to take with us and basically getting ready.

Along those lines, I am thinking about what handwork to take. I always take too much. Like I really think I will have time to knit 5 pairs of socks in one weekend.........Really now.......

The timer just sounded. I was allowing myself 30 minutes to compute before I faced the day. Time to be off, back later.

3:18 PM...........

The errands are done, lunch is over and I had a wee toes up. Still no sleep. Perhaps tonight. It has been some time since we have made a planned trip South. The last four years have been the emergency trips. This planning and packing is wearing me down.

This just in from my Sister:

You need not worry about handwork while you are in Danville. Just bring enough to keep you busy while traveling. I will have my knitting for you to work on and that's probably all we will have time to do.

I know what she is thinking of.......... I should be making her purse instead of planning something for the trip.................


  1. You're facing a tough time - I've been there and my heart hurts with you. blessings, marlene

  2. I always take too much handwork too . . like yarn for 5 pairs of socks and usually don't even get one cuff done!

    Have a safe trip. Hope it all goes as well as it can.


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