Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yesterday Took an Unexpected Turn

I had planned a day at home with a short break to run errands........... Oh, well......... Lem finally realized that he would be watching the SUPER BOWL on a small TV. The one in the family room stopped working a month ago and since then he has been 'making a decision'. Saturday he realized that the time had come. Glad to know that he had done his homework.

We went off cape to Circuit City and came home with a Samsung. Now he can watch the game in style. This will also end up in the sewing studio after we move......... VBG

So lets recap........ I washed two loads of clothes, made a pot of soup, packed three boxes to ship to Rebekah and did a few house hold chores before doing the errands........ Went to the post office, stopped at a local grocery store for bread and fruit, went to deliver a few thing to Peg, stopped at Staples to ship the packages, checked a few books from the library and stopped for gas before heading home. Shortly thereafter we headed off Cape for the TV.

Today I have spiffed the house in preparation of a visit from yet another realtor. We have interview 4 so far and one more coming on Thursday. A decision will be soon and we can move on to the next step.

Enjoy the Super Bowl............


  1. We have a Samsung very similar to that one. We've had it 6 or 8 months and like at your house, Vince took forever to make a decision. They must've both made good decisions! :)

  2. I am just catching up a bit here -- how exciting to be building a new house!!! You will really enjoying picking out all those things like counters and floors and paint and such. Have fun!!

    How is your arm? Is the cast off now?


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