Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Progress and Other Thoughts

If you remember my stack from several days ago, you can see that it is getting smaller. I wonder just how long it will take to get rid of it completely.

Some of the stack is neatly organized in notebooks.

Now on to other thoughts.

The television we purchased is HDTV compatible. Naturally Lem wanted to avail himself of that service. But let me fill you in on a few facts first.

We had cable. The service on most channels was fine but on channels 1 - 4 it was terrible. I would call and they would tell me to tighten the connector or buy another television as it was my problem. This went on for years. We were at a friends house when the subject of cable came up and I launched into my dislike of their service..... Seems her brother worked for the cable company and the next morning she called him and relayed my complaints. Now I had been relaying the complaint for years but who listens to me, I am just the customer.

He sent a serviceman out with instructions to FIX THE PROBLEM. The serviceman determined that the cable leading from the pole to the house was the problem. Did he replace it? No. He switched the line going into the upstairs apartment with ours. Now we had good service but when the tenant got home that night he found that his service was not good. Yes, he called and they sent another tech out the next day to fix the problem.

There were other issues with the cable company. I am sure there was a notation on my account that I was unpleasant to deal with.

Anyway, Lem had Direct TV installed. Because of the pricing structure we kept the cable for the local channels and used the dish for all else. Being in an area with more wind than normal, the dish would loosen up and our reception would fade. This required an expensive service call to repair.

Then we went to Dish Network. Better service but fewer channels. I learned to adjust. We kept the cable for the lower channels. The reasoning was if one went out then we could still watch the news on the one that was working.

Enter the new TV. Saturday I called around for HDTV prices. Comcast was the hands down the best buy........... They came yesterday and got us all set up with the new stuff. Now I have to learn another remote but I think I will like the new system.

This morning I called Dish to discontinue service. You would not believe what they offered to keep me. "But" I said, "I have already changed to someone else. I called you first and your price was so much more. It is too late now. " She even offered me a free month of service. Too little too late.

So much for life on the Cape.

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