Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I talked with Jason Sunday night and he gave me the bad news..... The house plan I submitted will cost 50% more than the budget allows.

I began looking yet again for plans. The one I had chosen took three years to find. I have been fine tuning that plan for the last year.

It seems that we could build the first floor with no problems but the second floor is where the additional money was going......... The second floor was to be my sewing space. Lem and I talked about it and prayed about it and we found several solutions.

ONE - Find another plan..............

TWO - Finance part of the new house...............

THREE - Build the house I wanted but with no second floor...........

The only thing about the plan we had that I was not particularly fond of was the cathedral ceiling in the great room. I always feel that you are heating or cooling a lot of air you don't use, not to mention the additional cleaning and maintenance problems of that space.

So here is the plan now. By eliminating the cathedral ceiling the second floor will have more floor space in that area over the great room. We can build the house I want now and finish the second floor later. The more I think about this, the better I like it. That way I will have one large area on the second floor devoted entirely to my hobbies............VBG


  1. Our former house had a cathedral ceiling and I always hated it for the very reasons you listed as negatives. I would much rather have had a room. Sounds like you solved the problem in a very positive way. Best wishes.

  2. We built a house many, many years ago and the one thing we found is that it is costs more than you plan and take longer than you plan!

    Sounds like you are working out the kinks - enjoy the process, it will be nice in the end to have the house you want.


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