Monday, November 05, 2007

A Bit of Weather

We had a rough Saturday. As you can see, a couple of homes are no longer. These were summer cottages that had been built on a spit of land formed by storms long, long ago. Actually where they were sitting was the entrance into the Chatham harbor in 1837. Sometimes people forget that God is in charge and building on the beach is not a good thing.

We were without power for quite some time. Saturday night we sat listening to a battery powered radio as I knitted to the light of an oil lamp. I must make sure to wash the globe on that lamp more often.

My poor Weather Pixie is not working because of the storm..... Perhaps she will be fixed soon.


  1. Wow! Hope they can save some of their belongings. Too bad.

  2. Holy cow - how awful! I hope everyone is OK - scary stuff.

  3. Oh boy - that was a bit of weather! I hope all is well now - and that is not an indication of the winter weather to come!!


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