Friday, November 02, 2007

Class Project

You might remember this stack of fabric from several weeks ago. I got it for a class I was taking.
This is the project we are making. I knew exactly what I as going to do. As usual the plan changed. I have gathered enough fabric to make perhaps two quilts. I would like to do one in the pink fabrics for Mama. I noticed that many of the ladies at Roman Eagle (her new home) have quilts and afghans on their beds.

Here are the blocks I began at class that Saturday and I finally have them all finished. This was the easy part. The basket blocks are next.

This morning I was able to cut the basket block fabrics............... I can tell you that I am out of my comfort zone on this one but my class mates assured me that this was the way to go. I still think I am going to do one following the original plan. Yup, just plain ole vanilla me.


Darlene said...

I'm glad to see you home! I'm sorry that your Mom can no longer live alone however I hope she'll be content where she is now. :-)

I love your new project - it's going to be beautiful.

Su Bee said...

It's so hard to watch parents decline - ((hugs))
The baskets are going to be absolutely beautiful - keep pluggin' away!

Hanne said...

This will be a beautiful quilt Suze!

Linda said...

What beautiful fabrics, so soft and feminine. Love the pattern you're using.

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