Thursday, September 06, 2007

I've Got You Covered, Going or Coming

The walkway was finished yesterday. Didn't he do a great job. This should be much easier to shovel snow from this winter.

As soon as the patio in the back was done, the weather turned cold and we have only been able to sit out there two evenings...... Perhaps this weekend it will be better....

Saturday we took two car loads to the disposal area. This morning I took another trip with a car full. Then came home to fill the car again. We might get it all gone soon.

The workmen are supposed to come some time in the next couple of weeks to replace two windows upstairs and put in new shingles..........


  1. It looks so pretty, just the kind of place I'd love to visit. Doesn't if feel good when something gets done and you can enjoy it?

  2. Hi hi. I love your headline! The front pavement looks good. Just the kind of place I would feel good entering:-)

  3. It's very pretty!!

  4. I hope your mother continues on to the road to good health. Your house is shaping up very nicely - it does look very inviting. Hope you are planning a big housewarming party when you are finished!
    Those purples are so pretty - I am sure they would look good in any quilt.

  5. Oh Suze, you have a beautiful garden and now a beautiful walkway. How wonderful it must be to have such a peaceful place to sit and visit - or stitch - or dream.


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