Friday, December 29, 2006

Ubiquitious Sock

Here are the socks I was supposed to finish in November. They are ready to wear at last. The yarn is Cascade Fixation. The pattern I found on line at The yarn has a small amount of elastic in it so the sock feels really comfortable on. It comes in a large range of colors and is not to bad to knit with either.

I am leaving the office a bit early today. Then off to Curves for my last workout of the year and then home. Lem and I are going to do Chinese take away for dinner tonight. That means I might find time to finish the preparations for my New Years Day Quilt on Planet Patchwork.

Tomorrow is the BIG CLEAN of his office. We will be gearing up for TAX SEASON. His office is in what would be the dining room. Both of us are savers and occasionally we have to clear out. The BIG CLEAN usually takes an entire day. I will be ready for some restful quilting by the time Sunday arrive.


  1. The socks look great - such a fun colour.

    Good luck with the "Big Clean" We need to do one as well but I am waiting for the 21 year old to move out of his room first!

  2. I love the socks! I hope to see the mystery quilt soon. I am going to start the Big Clean on Jan 2nd. Wish me luck.


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