Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Soon To Be Finished Project

Here are the swap blocks from a Row Jane I participated in last year. I had the idea of setting them in the center of Ohio Star using the instructions from Kathy on the Dear Jane List. (you can see two trial blocks in the lower corners) I selected my fabric and began. Then one thing after another required immediate attention so this was always put aside. Recently while making the Gratitude quilt from Judy, I used this as my Leader/Ender quilt.

Finally all the blocks were done. Then the sashing began. After assembling two rows I noticed that two of the cornerstones in the sashing were off by 1/8 of an inch. Really showed up to me since it was white on blue. I took it to the local quilt shop to see if they thought it was really that obvious. Can you tell that I did not want to redo those rows? I held it up proudly and asked if they could see a problem. Some minutes passed and Vicki said, "Yes, you have one of the flying geese upside down on the first row." Those were not the words I wanted to hear......

I had to take that apart and fix it, then redo the sashing. I added a couple more rows and then needed to cut more sashing strips. Put the next row of sashing together and began to attach it. I had cut 1/2 of them 1 inch too short. That had to be redone. Got that added and noticed that one of the white on white fabrics was wrong side out. Picked that out and began again.

I am still trying to get this beauty together. Only one row left. That will take a bit because one of the geese is flying upside down on that row also. At least it is not attached to the quilt yet.

This is only part of the problems I have had this month. Nothing is working for me. Must be the medication...............Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Sounds like it will be a bit of work and frustrations to get it done but I bet it will look beautiful they way you are going to set it up. Looking forward to seeing a photo. As you know I am a big fan of Dear Jane.

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    It is definitely going to be beautiful. I hat to have to redo anything and that's usually the point where I give up and never finish it but . . hang in there and finish it. This project is definitely worth fixing and finishing.

    Judy L.

  3. You'll enjoy it when it is finished. Why can a goose fly upside down?? Ask Ms.Vickie for me..Just a thought.


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