Sunday, October 01, 2006

OH........Great..........It is Here........

Just checked and found that Judy has published her Hour A Day Quilt for October. The fabric I selected is not going to work. I do not have enough of the background or the sashings. I will look for more tomorrow and if necessary, I will be off to the quilt store on Tuesday. I sure hope I find something. I have to crash and burn on my Fabric Depression the second day. I have an idea for the sashing just need to find some background.

Excitement builds as I wonder if I will have yet another quilt to snuggle under this winter.

Thank you Judy for providing such a joyous event.......................


  1. Hi! I'm just cruising around the Q4P ring that I finally got my code on mine! And I'm sure glad that you found something to do in Oct. (with Judy's challenge) because otherwise you might not have enough to do!! ;) you sound a bit like me!

  2. Good luck fabric hunting :-)
    I will not do Judy's quilt this month but I promise to do the Watermelon quilt for 1 hour a day until the top is done. I am one month behind on that one..... ;-)

  3. You know there is the caveat about you can buy fabrics to complete a quilt. It sounds like you have most of the fabrics already - so you would only be completing your quilt (backgrounds shouldn't count anyway in my opinion - lol).

  4. Shame on you Mama for the need to find new fabric...(just kidding)! I am looking forward to the finished product.


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