Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ta Da

Well, here it is, my Fields and Fences Quilt. Lem and Honey slept under it the last two nights and reports are favorable.

I did that one all by myself. No help at all except from my dear friend Peg who was so kind to help me layer and pin it. I picked the fabrics and cut it and pieced it and and I machine quilted it and bound it and put a label on it. I did it all in one month. I keep pinching myself to see if I am awake. I usually drop the ball somewhere along the way but this time I kept right on working along till it was done.

I opened the box of “Needs Binding and Quilting” I now have two quilts that require the binding hand stitched. One that needs the binding sewn on and then hand stitched and three that need quilting and binding.

I will put the ones requiring just the binding done on the Thread a Day list. I can put that thread in each morning while I wait for the coffee to perk.

As to the ones that need quilting, I just saw what Hanne wrote about Big Stitch Quilting

and it seems to be just what I need for two of the quilts I have to hand quilt. Thanks Hanne and Finn for the idea.

So after work I stopped for the background and sashing fabric for Judy’s

Hour a Day Quilt. Much joy there. I even picked up the background for Honey’s quilt that was on sale. A quick stop for chops for our evening meal and then home.

I washed the fabric while cooking our dinner. The rest of the evening was spent stitching my swap blocks. I got 2 completed and another one half done.

I was up early to work on the Hour a Day quilt. While I was downstairs I took the time to organize just a wee bit……. That is when I uncovered all those quilts on the cusp.

I am looking forward to getting home from work this afternoon and enjoy a cup of tea while I make more HST for my Hour a Day Quilt.

And YES, the walls really are that blue...... One of the color errors I have made.


  1. Congrats on the finish - it's a great looking quilt!

  2. How wonderful to have finished such a lovely quilt. It's such a simple block, and they're the kind I love best!

  3. I didn't even notice the blue walls - I was too busy looking at the quilt. I had to scroll back up for a look! I love quilts like that.

  4. What joy! What excitement! To have a beautifully finished quilt and someone having enjoyed it's warmth already...to have so very many quilts so very close to being done...to have more brewing and! You got dinner made and tea made and coffee brewed...not to mention work!


    (thank you SO much for all your sweet comments and for linking me...I am humbled and delighted!)

  5. What a lovely quilt Suze - and done so fast !! I notice a collection of walking sticks on the side of the bed. Are they collector items or in use ?
    I have my Watercolour quilt on the floor now. I have to get to work on this one. I am sure you can hear how I drag my feet ;-)

  6. The quilt is wonderful, love the look. Doesn't a finish feel great?

  7. Wow, This is just beautiful. I am so looking foward to finishing one of my quilts.

  8. Way to go on finishing your pretty quilt!!!! It sure feels good to get one totally done!!!

  9. Oh Suze, that quilt is sooo lovely!! And how wonderful to have done it all yourself and in a month!! I feel like such a slacker...I reach a point with most of them, and lose interest. Congrats on hanging in there and finishing it so fast!


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