Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well, I finally did it.......... I joined Curves. I have too many quilts to make so I must do what I can to be around longer. Also the cellar needs clearing out and I lack the energy. So we shall see if this is successful.

I did manage to get a little over an hour of sewing done this morning. By Saturday I will be ready to assemble my Hour A Day Quilt from Judy. That is going to be such a welcome addition to my home. Thank you Judy for providing the instructions. While sewing I am thinking about the studio. It needs some help. It really is not well organized and I must do something. Perhaps in January. This year is full.

After sewing I dressed, made beds, and prepped dinner. Since this was my first day at the gym (never thought I would say those words) I needed to be prepared. Then off to work.........

I did have time to come home and change before I did the work out routine. Orleans is a small town. Only 14 miles long and 6 miles wide. Doesn't take long to go from one place to another unless it is summer when the population more than triples.....

Judy shared the information on using Google for spread sheets and documents. That has been a real treat for me as I work on several computers and now I don't have to email from one to another.............

Well, 8:00 PM here now and I need to start knitting little beaded tassels. I have a few more to do this month. I am really trying to get all my goals met in October but I am not sure I will make it........


  1. Congratulations on joining Curves! :) I've been "forced" to start working out too. Maybe we'll both live long enough to make at least a goodly portion of the quilts that we would like to have. LOL

  2. Good Going Suze ! We want you around for a very very long time - quilting and having fun !

  3. I've been thinking of joining, because they are in so many place we travel. I should check it out while we are parked here for a few weeks. There's bound to be one around the corner.

  4. Wow! Somebody [Suze] has been working very hard. the blog shows a lot of effort too. thanks, i enjoyed looking in... love and kisses LM


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