Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Riding in the Big Truck

Yesterday I got to ride in the Big Tow Truck.

Lem's car was not running correctly. Two weeks ago at great expense we had it repaired. We don't use that car very often. Just on weekends to do errands. It still was not right so he called the repairman and made arrangements to drop it off on Wednesday.

Yesterday since he had an appointment in Harwich (15 miles away) we thought he should use my car and I would drive his to work. The auto repair place is just around the corner. He would pick me up there when he came home. I could start the car but it would not stay started. I finally got it onto the street and to the intersection where I needed to turn left. There I sat stopping traffic.

A gentleman stopped and offered to help push it off to the side of the road. I gratefully accepted. Really couldn't get it off the road completely. Then he drove me to the auto shop.

I had to call AAA and request that it be towed to the shop. 2 hours wait I am told...... I explained that it was not really in a safe location. So sorry I am told. We are very busy. 2 hours wait..........
I went back to the car and began to wait........... Within minutes, the tow truck arrived. He called the police to direct traffic while he loaded the car onto the tow truck.

Do you have any idea how high off the ground those cabs are? Let's just say, I do not think you can get into them gracefully. I got to ride in the tow truck back to the repair shop and wait for Lemuel to get back from the Dr's office. Now aren't I glad I had supper already started?


  1. Yes, I know how big a tow truck is. I am just 5 feet tall and getting in and out was not easy. I just hate when your car breaks down, the whole day is a mess.

  2. What a bother- glad nothing was more serious and everything worked out safely-also, I love the Abigail quilt, very nice.

  3. What an adventure to ride in the Big Tow Truck! Only My Mom could turn these lemons into lemonade! I am glad you got safely home.


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