Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Here and a Little There

I have finally gotten my sweater with legs this far along......... Sleeves have been knit but not added yet......... I am not to thrilled with the placket and plan to do that over...... This morning I began the hood portion of this project and it does seem possible that I could have it finished this weekend.

I also finished my tea towel (the one in the center). It is from a free design provided by Bird Brain Designs........... They have some lovely free designs. The towel was made from White Kona... I can get 6 tea towels from two yards of fabric. Then a bit of stitching and it is all ready to embroider.


  1. That sweater is gorgeous! Some day I may try another sweater. Love your little tea towels. Never thought of using Kona Cotton to make them myself.

  2. What a lovely sweater! Can't wait to see the sleeves added. I love your autumn tea towels too.

  3. The sweater is coming along fine. Really like your tea towel. Susan, are you using Pearl No 8 or the embroidery floss?

  4. The tea towels are cute, as is the sweater. I don't knit, it sure looks complicated.

  5. I love the color of that sweater. And, your little towel is so cute and just in time for Thanksgiving.

  6. Hi Susan... How sweet the towels are... What a wonderful job you did... What did you put on the back of the Kona Cotton to cover the stitches? .... :)


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