Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Wee Bit of Upkeep...

I wasn't happy with the arrangement of the studio....... It felt too messy, maybe because it was messy looking even though on some level it was reasonably organized.

I had two areas that were stacked high with boxes and baskets....... I moved the scrap bins from under the cutting table and added them to the other three that were lined up along the wall after I removed the stack of bags in the corner........

I brought the floor lamp upstairs which enabled me to move the lamp sitting on the sewing table. That gave me room to slide the sewing machine back and sit there and do my hand stitching........

Three stacks of tea towels on the cutting table.......... the ones on the right are all finished. The ones on the left front are embroidered and need the scallop edge stitched down. The ones behind need to be embroidered. I wonder if I really will get them done in time..................

I cleared out the baskets in the corner and put the upcoming projects there.........

And moved the baskets under the cutting table. This arrangement is not quite as unsightly as it was before.

The legs of the table have been placed in PVC pipes. They cut them for me at my local hardware store. It raises the table to the perfect height for me to cut fabric. An inexpensive way to get a table the right height and easy to take with you for a weekend retreat..............

Now I really must get started on those tea towels..................Ho ho ho


  1. Love the idea to get some height to your table. Is it pretty sturdy? You have a nice big sewing room and it turned out very nice!

  2. A lovely, neat studio! It always feels good to create in a clean room.

    Those tea towels are looking great.

  3. Looks good to me...your tea towels look cute. I embroidered lots of towels for gifts this year too, but I can't show them until after Christmas!My family reads my posts!

  4. Hi Susan... You are so organized... I just love a table high so you do not break your back cutting materal...I had used PVC pipping to raise my table before I bought a cutting table... :)
    Your Tea Towels are wonderful... Great job by adding on the scallops.. I just love that idea.. You are so cleaver... :)

  5. My husband cut PVC pipe for my cutting table, too. It will save a lot of backaches. I think I can sew a lot more when things are more organized. Love the tea towels!!!!

  6. Your sewing room looks great, and very roomy. I use the same table as you have for my cutting and ironing table. I got a shelf from Ikea and covered it and take it on and off. I also got a cutting mat that covers the whole top. My brother made me some wooden risers for mine and the set up works very well for the most part. My brother also picked me up a big board at a thrift store for about 10 dollars and I'm going to check and see how it works setting it on top the table. I also like your little knitted caps that you've been making, very cute.


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