Friday, November 26, 2010

Did I mention that I like to sew????????? And if I could I would spend my four days off upstairs playing???????????

There is just the two of us here and we don't really eat all that much. I have spent the day in the kitchen cooking the full Thanksgiving Day meal only to put most of in the refrigerator where we ate it for days............. One year we ate out but that was not really like Thanksgiving. So this year when Stop and Shop offered dinner for two for $25.99 I signed up.

Wednesday afternoon I went to Stop and Shop to pick up our T-day dinner......... They gave it to me in this nice insulated bag............

After spending most of the day sewing I went downstairs to "cook"...ahem....

All in nice microwaveable containers.......... 45 minutes later we had a delicious repast...... and there are leftovers for several more meals........... Thrifty and good and easy........


  1. that is the one thing about Thanksgiving dinner when it is just for two -- even four or five - there are enough leftovers to last several days!! How come a turkey can't come in a 2 pound size LOL (cornish hens just aren't the same!)

  2. This was such a good idea! We went out one year. The server at the restaurant kept telling us "well we don't have that today" or "we are out of that". Funny thing: that restaurant closed it's doors about 4 months later. There was absolutely no customer service. I cook for 3 adults.

  3. Hi Susan... What a great idea... It sounds like it was perfect for the both of you... It did look yummy... but, I would at least made my own pie... I am glad you got to spend time upstairs... :)


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