Friday, September 17, 2010

The last block was finished this morning. Now to add the sashing and it is ready to quilt. There is some fabric at Murray's that would be perfect for the backing and it is on sale. Now is it is still there in a few weeks when I am ready to quilt this one.

When the seasons change I get the urge to pull out some different tchatchokes. I found this quilt packed away and thought it would make a good table covering. Being a bit off center myself I thought I would put it on the table that way too.

Then I decided I needed some pillows for the chairs that were seasonal. I have been getting blocks ready to applique for the Autumn Blessings pattern that Kaaren put on her blog the first Friday of this month.

I also had a piece of BRIGHT ORANGE fabric that I wanted to use up. There is exactly enough for two pillows and a bit of the black I am using for the Raggedy Ann quilt will fill the bill for the piping. I traced some of Kaaren's designs and stitched them on the orange fabric. Just the center of one flower and one top will be ready to become a pillow.

After finishing the last block I put all of the rows on the design wall and started cutting the sashing strips.

I have been trying to decide exactly how to finish the baby quilt. I just don't have the skill yet to do a decent job on machine quilting so I will have to hand quilt it. I talked it over with Vickie and we decided that if I dedicated ALL of my sewing time to that project I could get it done in a reasonable amount of time. The batting and backing has been purchased which leads to the basting part. Peg has graciously offered to help me baste it but that requires some planning and getting permission to use the space at Murray's. I have been intrigued for some time with the basting method that Sharon Schamber uses. Tomorrow I will rearrange the studio and get started on basting that quilt and getting it quilted.

Peter's family was kind enough to bring a vase of flowers to me. How thoughtful.....



  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. WOW the blocks you have on your wall are stunning. What a lot of work went into that. They're beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. Hi Susan... Again, what a wonderful quilt you did.... I know there was a lot of work into this one... I just love the quilt on your table... So perfect for this time of year... Also, what pretty flowers... Your are so special... :)


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