Thursday, March 19, 2009

Noah's Ark and Double Delight

I procrastinated working on the Noah's Ark. It was so TINY... I was not sure I could even see it much less embroider it.

I made the plunge last night and here is my first block. I am delighted.... The directions said to add 3/4 inch strips to each side. How lovely it was to open my drawer of 3/4 inch strips and select the ones I wanted.

I have also set up Double Delight on the dining table to be quilted... I am a novice at this task so once again I tend to procrastinate getting it finished. It sits there and mocks me each night. Perhaps this weekend will show some progress.


Judy S. said...

I loved doing the Noah blocks because they were little... easy to finish. Make sure you measure the top ones carefully so they'll fit together. (Mine didn't print off to the correct size.) I like the colors you chose for your borders too.

Shasta said...

You are making great progress on a lot of different projects. They all look wonderful.

Teresa said...

Quitling with a regular machine can be quite daunting a task - but there is some satisfaction once you get it done.

I have just started on the Noah's ark blocks too, and you are so right, they are very tiny, but cute!

Quilter Kathy said...

You go girl with that quilting!
But don't quilt your glasses into the Double Delight!!!

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